A training restaurant training lab to cook, serve and manage by the students is operational whole year. Every day students, faculty and guests dine at restaurant training lab . Students get their hands on learning at Menu-planning, Buffet Management, Guests handling, Silver/Elaborate Table service and Restaurant reservation management. Hotel Management students are well trained and groomed at this training restaurants to meet to meet the high level competition in one of the fastest growing industry.

Training students correctly is very essential for any successful hotel management college. Food service in hotel and restaurants is a customer contact intensive business. Students needs to be attentive to guest demands while displaying the personality of their hotel or restaurant. The Food & Beverage career is challenged with the trade offs of quality and speed of service. Students must manage these constraints effectively and training will help them to achieve this goal. There are so many ways to train a student for food & beverage service career, it is best to pick and mix various methods to meet the operation’s particular situation and needs.

Steps we follow at our Restaurant training lab to train students for a successful food & beverage careers are as follows –

  • Demonstration.
  • Shadow Practice.
  • Instruction
  • Supervised Performance
  • Role-Play

There are always huge opportunities for trained youth in restaurants, Bars and performance catering sectors and of-course star hotels. People expertise and food and Beverage service Operations are inseparable points of Hospitality industry. Publicity by means of assisting in perform catering services and routine for the duration of their path to learn helps students to speedily acclimatize themselves to the workplace upon completion of these courses with practical skills. Emerging principles in Tourism and Hospitality have created unlimited career possibilities by means of these routes. Food service personnel work in tandem with cooks to offer the so known expertise to visitors and make a glamours global career.

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Restaurant Training Practical or Food & Beverage Service Practical is divided into three/two years and scheduled as compulsory for 6 hrs a week.

Subjects with which Restaurant Training Practical is attached with are ..

Food and Beverage Service – D12 – Full Marks – 400
Food & Beverage Service – D22 – Full Marks – 400
Food and Beverage Management – D32 – Full Marks – 400

You can also find various topics related to Restaurant Training and Food and Beverage Service at Food & Beverage Service / Restaurant Practical Training Notes and Journals

Food & Beverage Service / Restaurant Practical Training Resources

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