Rum : Ingredients, types and brand names.

Christopher Columbus, the Portuguese explorer is said to have brought sugarcane to the Caribbean islands. Sugar production leaves a fermentable by product called Rum bullion meaning “rumpus”. This by-product was shipped to new England where rum was made. Its became the drink of the slaves on plantations in British west indies as early as the seventeenth century. British law in 1904 defined rum as a spirit distilled from byproducts of sugarcane in sugarcane growing countries. Puerto rico is a big producer of of this and other suppliers are:- Britain, west indies, Venezuela, Brazil, Jamaica, Dominican republic, Haiti, Mexico, Hawaii, Philippines and Cuba.

Sugarcane contains sucrose. The residual sucrose in sugar by-products is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by the addition of yeast to fermented molasses.

Ingredients required: Sugarcane juice, Jaggery, Beetroot Juice & Maple Juice.

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There are different types of Rum :-

White – lt is a distillate of molasses. It became popular via the pre-Castro Havana, a sort of Caribbean Paristhen. American tourists mixed large quantities of white rum with there preferred mixer- coca cola called ‘cubalibra’. Bacardi is a world leader in white rums.

Dark – has the same production process as whiteRum except that highly refined sugarcane syrup or caramel is added to give it color and flavor.

Golden – It gets its color when whiteRum is matured in casks And lend the golden color.

Categories of Rum

Another way to categorize rum is according to body”-

Light bodied – Also known as silver or dryRum & are popular in the united states. LightRum is produced by continuous distillation method and emerges as a high proof distillate, and are aged for one year. Puerto Rican & Cuban rum belong to this category.

Heavy bodied – They are produced in Jamaica, new England and British Guyana have a strong bouquet flavor or aroma.

Medium bodied – They are produced in virgin islands and New England. They range in color from tan to rich mahogany.

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How to Serve

It has versatile characteristics as it can be drunk neat on the rocks with mixers like coke or soda .

Brand Names  of Rum (International)

Mount Guy, Havana Club Silver, Malibu, xxx DarkRum, Goslings

Puerto RicanBacardi, Daiquiri, Don Q, Tropicana, Dry Cane, White diamond, Ron Rico, Palo Viejo, Ron Merito

JamaicanLemon Hart, Captain Morgan, Myers, Rope & Anchor, Appleton

Domestic Brands: Me Dowel, Old Monk , Pincon.

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