Welcome Drinks (Upon arrival of Guests)

Always ensure that welcome drinks and cold towels are prepared, received, stored, served and cleared in the correct order.

welcome drink – Procedures

> After arrival of any FIT & VIP hotel guest, travel agent or any other pre-informed special guest, the Front Desk Associate(s) will immediately serve one welcome drink and cold towel to each person, from a tray.
> Alternate: Welcome Drink will be immediately served at the airport upon guest arrival at the mini- van as an option to the pre-cooled beverage selection, these remains as the standard procedure for all arrival guests.

The correct serving method will be used:
> All beverages will be carried on a tray with the correct glass and chinaware (if applicable).
> Glasses can not be cleared with the fingers inside.
> A tray must be used to clear all beverages.
> Trays are to be carried with the left hand.
> Women are served first.

Greeting Phrase:

Greet the guest promptly with a smile and by saying: “welcome to the hotel – Name of Hotel/Resort”.
Immediately continue to mention what you are serving: “A refreshing Mojito without alcohol Sir/Madam”.

welcome drinks by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
welcome drinks by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Small Talk:

During standby, the guest will be asked the following question: “How was your trip Mrs Brown?” or “Have you ever been to (location) before Mr Brown?”

After Service:

> The Associate from the Front Desk will immediately remove the welcome drink after the guest has left to his/ her room or until the glass is empty, at the airport the glasses are cleared into a glass rack
> Removing/ clearing of ashtrays are done at all times, following the standard of: “the ashtray is full after one cigarette butt”. Ashtrays at the airport are provided.
> Empty/ Used glasses have to be kept at the back office until the glass rack is half-full and returned to the Bar Associates for clearing at the nearest Bar.

Breakage & Welcome drink request:

> Welcome drink is prepared at the Bar and distributed by the Bartender or waiter in charge with its designated form.
> Welcome drink cups/glasses are kept in its designated glass rack to avoid breakages and to maintain hygiene.
> In case of any breakage, the designated form will be used.

Welcome drink preparation & variety:

> A home-made rotation of a minimum of 3 different welcome drinks is used at all DHR brands.
> Bar Associates have to be informed at least one day in advance in order to prepare the recommended quantity of arrival with a small reserve for unexpected arrivals, walk-ins and special guests.
> Order of welcome drink is to be done with a form (complimentary order form).
> Welcome drink must not be stored longer then 2 days to maintain freshness.
> Associates shall not consume any welcome drink.
Posting of Welcome Drinks:
> Welcome drink orders from Front Desk are on a separate cost
> Calculated will be the produced quantity requested on the order form, from the Front Office at cost price to the Front Office Department

Cold Towel

> Cold towels are prepared either by HK associates or F&B associates (depending on organizational setup) for the Front Desk, cold towels for the F&B Outlets are prepared at the Bar or Restaurant.
> Both cold towels (at FO & FB) contain essential oil.
> Essential oil is used with carefulness, a few drops per load are sufficient.
> Cold towels are to be stored in a refrigerator in hygiene boxes with cover.
> Cold towels need to be clean and spotless at all times.
> F&B Linen transfer form is used for all cold towel transfers from and to laundry.
> Associates are not allowed to use cold towels.

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