Gin: Ingredients, types and brand names.

Gin is a flavored alcoholic beverage produced by re-distilling high proof spirits with juniper berries and other botanical s.

  • Gin originated over three centuries ago in Holland when Franciscus ‘de la Boe’ Sylvius, professor of medicine in Holland’s University of Leiden mixed juniper berries and alcohol to cure kidney complaints.
  • The word “Gin” is an abbreviation either derived from the French word ‘genievre’ or the Dutch word ‘junever’ both meaning juniper berry.
  • British soldiers took the drink before going into battle in the Netherlands which gave them ‘Dutch Courage’.
  • They developed liking for the taste and took the art of making this spirit to England.
  • By 18th Century it is became a cheap remedy for London’s poor and there was no control over the production of Gins and was produced all over London.
  • The famous phrase came about because of the cheapness of Gin. “Drunk for a penny and dead drunk for two pence, clean straw or nothing”.
  • Some employers even gave Gins to their employees as part payment of wages.


  • Dutch  / Holland / Schiedam / Genevar / Geneva
  • London Dry  / Dry / English


  • Full-bodied with clear and pronounced malty aroma and flavor
  • Not ideal for mixed drinks/cocktails as its own taste is predominant
  • Maturation is not required
  • Color is adjusted with caramel
  • It is best enjoyed straight and chilled
  • Bottled in stone crocks – excellent bar display


  • Originally made in and around London (most English gins are still made there). Now it’s a generic term.
  • Dry means nothing as all gins are dry.
  • It is colorless and light bodied.
  • It is used mainly in the preparation of mixed drinks/cocktails.


Dutch Gins – #Bols, Kokma, De Kuyper, Hasekamp, Jonga Graan Jenver

London Dry Gins – Booth’s, Gordon’s, House of Lords, #Calvert , Tanqueray, Gilbey’s, Beefeaters, White Satin

Domestic Brands: Blue Riband, #Gilbeys

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