Vodka: Ingredients, types and brand names.

Vodka was produced in Poland and Russia in the twelfth century and has been a favorite drink in countries ever since. It was then called water of life. It is basically a Russian drink. Poland lays its claim to have distilled it in the 8″‘ century. The first identifiable polish vodkas appeared in the 11th century when they were called “gorzalka” and were used as medicines.

Vod ka was also called Russian national drink an alcoholic distillate obtained from fermented mash of grain. Nothing is added to the Neutral spirit leaving it odorless, colorless and tasteless but smooth. It also leaves no odor on breath.

This quality makes it perfect to add as mixers to famous cocktails. It has an alcoholic content of 40%. The quality of vodka depends on the quality of grain, and it is distilled at the Strength of 80 to 190 proofs.

In die early times, Russia produced several kinds of vodka or hot wines, as it was called then. Some flavored vodkas are very popular. Smirnoff vodka is premium quality vodka. Romanov being the regular brand.

The traditional way of drinking vodka is to gulp the chillcd drink neat accompanied by nibbles such as caviar (Russian horsdoeuvre) , smoked salmon and pickled cucumbers. Russians flavored Vodk a from chocolate to cayenne pepper. The drink has now gained global popularity as a good cocktail mixer.

Ingredients: Potato was used in olden days, now grains are used to prepare Vo dka which is passed through activated Charcoal which absorbs the congeners resulting in getting colorless and odorless alcoholic beverage.

Service of Vodka-

Is best drunk chilled and neat in schnapps glasses. lt goes well with lemonade , ginger ale , orange juice ,etc

Popular Vodka Brands

Smimoff– (red. blue, black, silver, citrus, raspberry), Finlandia, Skyy, Stolichnaya, Absolute , Limonaya, Starka, Persovka.

Domestic Brands of Vodk a

White Mischief, Fuel, Magic Moments, Romanov, Shark Tooth

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