Hotels provide Employee’s Cafeteria facility to serve a variety of food and beverages that are fresh, wholesome and attractively presented in a pleasant environment. Learn how to define minimum food, beverage, equipment and service requirements for all Trust employee cafeterias.

FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT required for Employee’s Cafeteria

The following equipment is required for Cafeteria, at a minimum:

1. Steam table with covers to hold hot foods at the proper temperature.
2. Iced cold well to hold salads, cold cuts and other cold food items at the proper temperature.
3. A single or double reach-in refrigerator to hold desserts and back up cold food products.
4. A bulk milk dispenser (if feasible, a double dispenser to allow service of regular and chocolate milk.)
5. A refrigerated “jet spray” type beverage dispenser for juices, lemonade, etc.
6. Iced tea machine or dispenser.
7. Hot chocolate machine.
8. Post Mix Soda Dispenser.
9. Coffee brewer.
10. A “roller-type” hot dog machine.
11. Soup tureen.
12. Toaster.
13. A hot food holding unit for back up hot food.
14. A tray and flatware dispenser.
15. A complete tray breakdown station.
16. Canned soda vending machine.
17. Snack vending machine.
18. Menu display board. DECOR/LAYOUT
19. Each hotel must provide an attractive, clean, well-lighted and well- ventilated area in which employees can eat their meals.
2.  All cafeterias should strongly enforce a “Clean as You Go” policy to help
maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
3.  Where feasible, the Employees’ Cafeteria should be divided into separate “Smoking” and “Non-Smoking” areas. If space permits, ceiling fans could be added to facilitate both ventilation and “ambience”.
4. Other suggestions to improve cafeteria decor are:
5. Good quality, washable wall vinyl.
6. Live green and flowering plants.
7. A painted, “accent” wall with a logo or other significant design done by the hotel employees.
8. All cafeterias should be equipped with a moderately priced sound system to allow for background music to be played at a medium volume level. This system should be something other than “Muzak”.


1. Individual hotel management (Executive Committee) will establish a local policy to provide details on employee meal eligibility. The  Trust Employee Handbook states that the employee is entitled to one meal per scheduled shift.  This  local  policy  should  also  establish  control  procedures  regarding breaks, times and frequency of use of the cafeteria.

2. The meal credit allowance for the Food Department will vary by hotel based on the figure approved annually during the budget process.

3. Persons working in the hotel who are not eligible for employee meals may buy food in the cafeteria at a price of $2.00 per meal unless a different figure is approved during the annual budget process. This will include Entertainment Lounge Band members and outside contractors such as most Disk Jockeys.


1. Each hotel should establish a local policy on cafeteria operating hours.
These hours will be designed to accommodate the needs of the majority of  the  employees.  Also,  established  hours  must  allow  for  regular  and thorough cleaning of the entire cafeteria.

2. Suggested hours are:

Day Shift:   7:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. – overall Cafeteria
10:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. – Food Service
Evening Shift:   3:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. – Overall Cafeteria
4:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.- Food Service


1.  The Cafeteria Attendant should be hired using criteria similar to those used for any other public contact position, i.e. personality, communications skills, etc.
2.  The  Cafeteria  Attendant should  receive  hospitality  training  similar  to  that provided to other hotel employees.
3.  While the Cafeteria Attendant is required to wear standard kitchen whites, it is suggested that attractive, brightly colored aprons be provided for their use. This will help to brighten both the cafeteria and the attitude of the attendant.
4.  The Cafeteria Attendant should be managed jointly by the Director of Food and Beverage and the Director of Human Resources. This should ensure that the attendant accomplishes goals intended for the Cafeteria and reduces the
5.  risk  of  the  Cafeteria  Attendant  becoming  “Just  another  kitchen  station attendant”.

Hotels Staff Cafeteria - Food Service Equipment, Suggested Hours, Cafeteria Attendant, Menu Variety, Food Quality by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Hotels Staff Cafeteria – Food Service Equipment, Suggested Hours, Cafeteria Attendant, Menu Variety, Food Quality by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata


1. Food items should be rotated and varied to offer a reasonable selection without becoming repetitive.
2. Following are minimum requirements for cafeteria menu selections:
3. One soup

4. Salad Bar, to include:
a. Tossed Green Salad
b. Two Varieties of Prepared Salads
c. Three Dressings
d. Three Salad Toppings/Condiments

5. Assorted Cold Cuts and Sliced Cheeses.
6. Assorted Sandwich Condiments.
7. Hot Dogs.
8. One Hot Starch Item.
9. Two Hot Entrees (Day Shift).
10. One Hot Vegetable.
11. Fresh Fruit.
12. Assorted Desserts.
13. Assorted Sliced Breads, Rolls, Butter.
14. Additional menu suggestions, where and when feasible:
15. Pasta Dishes (Hot and Cold).
16. Leftover (only) Danish, doughnuts, pastries.
17. Salad mixes for sandwiches (tuna, chicken, etc.)
18. Ice Cream.
19. Each  employee  should  have  the  choice  of  one  hot  entree,  cold  cuts (sandwich) or hot dogs.

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