Food and Beverage Sector – Types of Food and Beverage Service Operations

Food and Beverage Sector in the hospitality industry provides many career opportunities within the hospitality management field, statistically it is on par with the hotel industry. Organizations within this category can include everything from a star restaurant and various types of catering services to bars & food and beverage service providers for hotels and resorts.

Various Types of Food and Beverage Service Operations in Food and Beverage Sector

  • HOTELS AND CATERING is a very important part of Food and Beverage Sector
  • RESTAURANTS, SNACK BARS, CAFES AND OTHER EATING PLACES also comes within Food and Beverage Sector

Food and Beverage Sector BNG Kolkata

Brief reading on Types of Food and Beverage Outlets

Eating places supplying food for consumption on the premises

  1. Licensed places
  2. Unlicensed places
  • Take-away food shops
  • Night Clubs and Licences Clubs


  1. Catering contractors (canteens run by industrial establishments for their own employees are classified with the main establishment)
  1. Other Canteens and messes


  1. Licensed premises within Food and Beverage Sector
  2. Unlicensed premises within Food and Beverage Sector


  1. Camping and caravan sites
  2. Holiday camps
  3. Other tourist or short-stay accommodation not elsewhere specified .
Find out what are the Three Categories of the Hospitality Industry


A restaurant is an institution within Food and Beverage Sector which prepares and serves foods and drinks to shoppers in return for cash, both paid before the meal, after the meal, or with a walking tab. Foods are generally served and eaten on premises, however many restaurants also present take-out and food delivery offerings. Eating places differ widely in look and offerings, together with a extensive type of the major chef’s cuisines and service models. While resorts and taverns have been known from antiquity, these had been organisations aimed at tourists, and most often locals would rarely devour there. Modern restaurants are dedicated to the serving of food, where detailed dishes are ordered with the aid of friends and are prepared to their request. The state-of-the-art restaurant originated in 18th century France, despite the fact that precursors can be traced back to Roman times. A restaurant proprietor is referred to as a each phrases derive from the French verb restaurer, which means “to revive”. Respectable artisans of cooking are referred to as cooks, while preparation employees and line cooks put together meals items in a more systematic and less creative trend.

Detail discussion on Food and Beverage Service Areas



Many shoppers on the breakfast hour are in a rush. Many men and women you are going to notice will not be in the pleasant of spirits earlier than they have had their first cup of coffee (or might be no longer ever). A constructive and cheerful angle displayed from the server in blend with immediate and effective provider could aid to normalise the obstacle. Under is a guide that probably perfect in most occasions. 1. When a recent fruit or fruit juice is ordered, it’s fascinating to serve it first after which to remove the soiled dishes before placing the toast and coffee. 2. When purchasers order a mixture of cooked meals, toast, and low, they may ask to have the entire order served at once. Situation the fruit dish, set on an underline, within the center of the quilt, the plate of toast at the left of the forks, and the espresso on the proper of the teaspoons
3. When the breakfast order involves a cereal and a hot dish, the provider procedure is also as follows: a. Location the fruit path in the middle of the duvet. B. Eliminate the fruit course.
C. Location the breakfast plate of eggs, meat, or different sizzling meals in the core of the quilt. Location the plate of toast on the left of the forks. Position the coffee service at the right of the spoons. D. Put off the breakfast plate and the bread plate. E. Location the finger bowl, stuffed one-1/3 full of heat water. Now and then the finger bowl is placed after the fruit direction, when fruits which can soil the fingers were served. F. Location the revenue determine, face down, at the correct of the cover or gift it on a clean exchange tray.


1. Fill the water glass three-fourths stuffed with iced water. 2. Situation chilled butter on bloodless bread-and-butter plate. Three. Position the appetizer in the core of the duvet. Four. Get rid of the appetizer when guest has completed. 5. Position the soup carrier in core of cover. 6. Remove the soup entree. 7. Location entree plate in core of cover. Eight. Location person vegetable dishes above the quilt. 9. Place scorching drinks above and just a little to the correct of cup and sauce, with character creamer above the cup. 10. Position an iced beverage or milk on the correct and a little bit under the water glass. Eleven. Eliminate the most important-direction dishes. 12. Take away any additional silver not used in the foremost path. 13. Crumb the desk, if indispensable. 14. Location dessert silver to proper of the cover with fork nearest the dessert plate, when fork and teaspoon are used. When a number of teaspoons are positioned, the dessert fork  could also be laid on the left part, to “balance the duvet” 15. Situation the dessert provider in center of the cover. 16. Put off dessert dishes and silver. 17. Place the finger-bowl on the underliner within the middle of the duvet. 18. Gift the investigate face down.


1. Situation appetizer or hors d’oeuvre service from the left in the core of the quilt. 2. Get rid of the primary-path dishes. 3. Situation the soup provider within the middle of the duvet. 4. Do away with the soup service. 5.When the entree is served on a platter, situation it directly above the quilt Lay the serving silver at the correct of the platter. Position the warm dinner plate in the core of the duvet. 6. Place the beverage to the right of the teaspoons. 7. Present rolls or place them on the middle of the table in attain of all the guests. 8. Dispose of the predominant-direction dishes when the guest has completed. 9. Crumb the desk if necessary. 10. Situation silver for dessert direction. 11. Location the dessert service in the middle of the quilt. 12. Present scorching coffee or tea. Thirteen. Serve the examine face down.

Pouring Beverages

1.Preserve glasses by the foot or stem handiest, to hinder fingerprints. 2. Glasses are constantly positioned to the proper of the guest with the right hand.
Three When serving heavy red wines that have been decanted or are in a wine basket, preserve the glass, quite slanted, on the table with left hand and slowly pour disturb
four A bottle of wine is first awarded to the host. Then the bottle is opened, and a small quantity is poured out for the host. After the host approves, the guests are served first

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