Hotel management colleges – Why BNG ?

If yoBest hotel management college in kolkatau’re considering graduate or post graduate school, you may be asking yourself a single question: “Which Hotel Management Colleges in Kolkata should you study at?”

The answer is as individual as you are. It depends on your career goals, academic interests, and financial resources.

To put across the last one – BNG has been Ranked as the best Hotel Management colleges in kolkata for diploma, degree courses in hotel management, and you would be pleasantly surprised to find that the fee structure remains the same for most courses as you apply in 2014.

As you weigh the merits of various Hotel Management Colleges in Kolkata and institutions, however, consider that the broad range of faculty expertise, course offerings, and research facilities at BNG Kolkata is difficult to equal elsewhere.

1. BNG Campus > Best Hotel Management campus in kolkata.

The residential campus of 36000Sqft, have architectural stunningly designed. Canteen and cafes inside the campus mark the student’s hangouts.

The student population, which is approx. 500, reflects the diverse culture from across the country and abroad. The campus is one of the modern buildings adding to the ambience, with a wi-fi campus making surfing a click away for students.

Established in one of the most industrial cities of India, it sets off BNG to have easy interface with multinational corporates, industrial houses, resource visitors to the campus, etc. BNG is half an hour from Kolkata Airport. The latter also provides the opportunity for one of the finest tourist destinations in the world.

Kolkata is loud in most of the things – including the temperature. One can weather from 15 degrees in winters to 33 degrees in summers, which allows most of its residents to have two wardrobes – a winter and summer, though it never snows in this region.

2. BNG Achievements > TOP Hotel Management colleges in kolkata.

You would be happy to know that BNG is Ranked as the Top Hotel Management colleges in kolkata India for diploma, degree courses in hotel management” by CSR.

3. Industry – Institute Interaction > Best Hotel Management colleges in kolkata.

Interactive interactions which promote dialogue between trailblazer and students are a part of BNG culture. In addition to constant Guest Lectures that impart industry knowledge to the students, the annual international conferences provide an interface between the influential of the corporate world, the academicians and students.

4. Financing a BNG Education > Hotel management education loan.

Educational loans in India are very easy to get. If you happen to be an Indian, a visit to your local bank should get you going.

5. Illustrious Alumni > Best Hotel Management colleges alumni.

Last ten years have seen BNG creating managers & entrepreneurs who have in them the grit to take on the upcoming challenges – People with the knack and dexterity to impel key inventiveness in organization they work for, men and women of direction and uprightness who make a difference in business organizations wherever they go. BNG is proud of our Alumni.

“If you know where you are heading; don’t just wait on. come and join us, we’ll take you there.”

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