Restaurant Guest Reservation

To handle the guest reservation effectively and according to hotel standard.

Procedures for Restaurant Reservation

1. All calls (internal and external) are answered within 3 rings.

2. External calls are answered with an appropriate greeting:
• Smile
• “Good morning/afternoon/evening (Name of Hotel or Resort).”
• “(Name) speaking.”
• “How may I assist you?”, “how may I direct your call?”

3. Internal calls are answered with appropriate greeting, department and associate’s name:
• Smile
• “Good morning/afternoon/evening this is (name of Department)”
• “(Name) speaking.”
• “How may I assist you?”

4. At the end of the call, associate thanks the caller and let him/her replace the receiver first.
•“Thank you for your call, have a good afternoon, day, night Mr/Mrs/Ms Brown.”

5. When placing a caller on hold, the associate firstly asks the caller if he is willing to be put on hold.

6. If the caller has been on hold for 30 seconds, the operator thanks the caller for waiting and asks if the caller would like to remain on hold or if he prefers to leave a message.

7. If the caller requests to speak to a person of the hotel (not a guest) and if this person cannot be reached at extension, the associate asks if someone else can help or take a message.

8. If the call is transferred, the associate thanks the caller for the call and informs the caller to whom and where the call is being connected.

Associates do not give information about guest’s room number, even if requested from the caller/visitor. Guest has to be informed before and expressly give his permission.

Restaurant Reservation & Food and Beverage specific.

• Write down the booking in the reservation book using a pencil and print legibly
• Reservation book always attached with restaurant table plan or seating chart
• Do not write reservation on “scratch” paper, which could get lost
• Write the last name and first initial and check the spelling with the guest. Include the date and Time in 15 minutes increments. Be sure to get the guests telephone and / or room number. Ask for Extension. Write the number of people attending the venue.
• Note any special, requests: Non smoking / Birthday…
• Do not make any promise, such as a window table.
• Repeat the complete reservation (day, date, time, name and special request)
• Thank the guest for calling
• Room service is available 24 hrs on call
• Every reservation requested in any part of the hotel during this mentioned period has to inform the outlet immediately
• Assigned associate has to collect the reservation book from the front desk daily (if any)
• The reservation form must contain:
– Time
– Guest’s name/Company’s name
– Room number
– Telephone number (outside guest)
– Number of person
– Smoking/non-smoking
– Prefered seating area (inside outside)
– Special request
– Contact number
– Contact person
– Received the reservation person

Guest Reservations Tips

• Check the reservation book to see if a table is available. If so, confirm this with the guest and repeat all information that you received.
• If no table available at the desired time, check to see if an appropriate table is available earlier or later, and if it is, suggest that time to the guest. If we do not have any table available at the requested restaurant, guide the guest to another outlet.
• Reserved tables are marked with the guest’s name, confirm the spelling again.

Recovery: uncorrected reservation: By associate, who did not check the details in the reservation; mixed up the table… make the guest upset.
• Inform the guest about the incident
• Change a table to other side, good view
• Wowing: Set up table on the beach or set the table in another outlet for special case only

Others about Restaurant Reservation

• Each restaurant will have at its reception desk a reservation book, aimed at centralizing and controlling the reservations for each meal period
• Operator will pass all reservation details to the Food & Beverage Department (if applicable)
• Reservations will be checked by the Restaurant Manager, Guest Service Captain or Hostess
• Relevant details and information should be gathered during the conversation
• The restaurant manager acknowledges reservations and allocates the tables for the guests
• If the restaurant is fully booked, the first priority is to propose the guest a table in another outlet the last option is to register them on a waiting list, or on a different time
• All parties greater than 6 should be re-confirmed by a manager
• VIP reservations will be highlighted and will mention any special comment or request
• Answer the phone within three rings. Greet the guest. Identify the Restaurant / Department, give your name and be of any assistance

Guest Reservation Form Seating Chart

➢ The Restaurant Manager makes a seating chart daily before each meal period (if reservation warranted)
➢ The reservations should be listed in alphabetical/room number order. This will help you to find a reservation without having to go through all reservations
➢ Once reservations have been seated, mark off the name by a check mark on the line to the right of the name. Then list the table number.

Greeting Sentence

• “Good morning/ afternoon/ evening,
• Restaurant Name, (associate’s name) speaking, how may I help you/ how may I assist you?”

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