Qualities of a bakery professional

Here in this article we will discuss about the various must have include qualities of a bakery professional .

Positive attitude towards the job

In order to be a good chef or bakery professional, you have to like your work and want to do it well. A chef with a positive attitude works quickly, efficiently, neatly, safely and moreover takes pride in his work and sees that his work is something to be proud of.

Staying power

Food service requires physical and mental stamina, good health and willingness to work hard. Pressures can be intense, hours long and gruelling and work monotonous. A good bakery professional should be able to bear all this and stick with the job.

Ability to work with people

Food service is teamwork and it is essential that you should be able to work on a team and cooperate with your fellow workers.

Eagerness to learn

There is more to learn about cookery than you will learn in a lifetime. A good bakery professional is always willing to learn more and try out new ideas. The food service industry changes everyday and one needs to keep up with the latest trends.


There is no substitute for experience. Studying may get your career off on a running start, but it is the experience that really matters in the long run…so practice, practice, practice.

Dedication to quality

A good bakery professional always checks on quality and ensures that the rest of the kitchen is as dedicated as he is towards quality. The moment quality drops so does your customer turnover.

Good understanding of basics

Food changes everyday. With everyone experimenting and innovating, new dishes are created in the blink of an eye. However, the most revolutionary of bakery professionals will always insist on good and solid knowledge of basics. For a beginner, knowledge of basics will enable him to take advantage of his experience and understand better what is happening in a kitchen and what questions to ask.

Duties and Responsibilities of a bakery professional


Before buying or indenting, the bakery professional must be able to produce accurate estimates of the volume of production.

Planning Menus

He should be able to plan proper menus, keeping in mind the food cost, volume of production, staffing, etc.


He has to keep the food cost in mind.

Planning work schedules

He must ensure that there is enough workforce whenever required. He should also consider personal problems of his staff as those who stay in far away places, travel time, etc.

Staff Hiring

Even though the final decision id made by the GM and Personnel Manager, the bakery professional should ensure that any person he takes on is adequately skilled and can carry out tasks efficiently. This can be done through trade tests, interviews, etc.

Supervising the brigade

He should keep an eye on all his staff and ensure that they produce maximum output in minimum time. He should also be able to delegate responsibility to his sous chefs.

Give identity to the product

Each chef has his own creativity and style of working. He has to pass this skill onto his subordinates and ensure that the product is henceforth produced to his satisfaction.

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