French Greetings – French for Hospitality and Tourism

Even if you don’t really communicate French, it’s worth understanding at the least the following easy French phrases and phrases such because the French for “good day”, “goodbye” etc. This web page lists a couple of basic French greetings, together with their pronunciations. Even though many French audio system will be aware of the English equivalents of those common words and phrases, they’re going to still appreciate the hassle should you take the problem to be trained easy phrases similar to these basic salutations.

Earlier than learning the extraordinary French greetings, it’s fundamental to know how French men and women use them.

While you arrive in France, the first thing you’ll discover is that French people don’t smile as a lot as americans. This doesn’t imply they don’t such as you, it’s with ease how they’re. Actually, many French people would recollect smiling as so much as americans do being false. This is one of the motives why the French are most of the time viewed rude.

French Greetings - French for Hospitality and Tourism

Politeness phases are primary

The 2nd thing you need to be aware of is that the French language is most of the time more formal than the English language. It’s essential to use the correct level of politeness in case you don’t wish to offend individuals.

Don’t be afraid though! As a foreigner, you’re anticipated to make mistakes, All language novices do. That’s part of the educational process.

Not greeting a sales man when you enter a shop is impolite

You should invariably greet the income man or woman when you enter a store. Now not doing it’s viewed impolite. If the individual is on the phone, easily nod.

As a newbie, don’t be afraid to greet persons in French. You accent will not be superb, but your effort to speak French will probably be broadly liked.

The dos and don’ts of French greetings

Don’t say “how are you” if you happen to don’t need to know the answer

In the USA, it’s usual to say “how are you” while you greet anyone with out anticipating an reply.

This may be strange in France. Here, when men and women ask “how are you”, they generally expect an answer. So don’t ask “how are you” until you quite care concerning the reply.

Formal French greetings

These are french greeting which you could safely use with everyone in any main issue.

This doesn’t imply you can use them all the time although.

But if you are not sure whether you should use formal or informal French greetings, choosing formal ones is invariably safer.

good morning bonjour bohn-zhoor
good evening bonsoir bohn-swar
good night bonne nuit bonn-nwee
goodbye au revoir ohr-vwah
hi / bye salut sah-loo
thank you merci mayr-see
thank you very much merci beaucoup mayr-see boh-coo
please (familiar) s’il-te-plait seel-t-play
please (formal) s’il-vous-plait seel-voo-play
pleasure to meet you enchante(e) ahn-shantay
how are you? (familiar) comment vas-tu? Koh-mmahn vah-too
how are you? (formal) comment allez-vous? koh-mmahn-t-ahllay-voo
and you? (familiar) et toi? eh toa
and you? (formal) et vous? eh voo
how are things? comment ?a va? Koh-mmahn sah-vah
well, thank you bien, merci bee-anh mair-see
very well tres bien tray bee-anh
not very good pas tres bien pah tray bianh
not too bad pas trop mal pah trow mahl
see you soon a bientot ah biahn-toh
see you tomorrow a demain ah damahn
good day bonne joumee bonn-zhoomayh

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