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The most universally consumed beverage made by infusing the dried leaves of an Asiatic evergreen herb called CAMELLIA SINENSIS. There are two main varieties of tea plant, that of china an that of India with numerous local varieties and hybrids. India is the largest producer of tea followed by Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Indonesia, East Africa, Latin-America and Russia. In French and Britain tea has become the national beverage with the most popular varieties being Ceylon teas. Tea contains half the amount of caffeine as compared to coffee.

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The best known teas from the world’s largest producers are Darjeeling and Assam teas. Darjeeling t ea is known as the ‘Champagne of Tea”


This is the oldest te a growing region and is known for its delicately perfumed teas. For examples Orange pekoe,

Jasmine, Lapsang Souchong, Rose Pouchong.

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These teas have a delicate light lemon flavour and are regarded as afternoon teas. They also tend to be light and refreshing.



This is a blend of Darjeeling and china teas and is flavoured wit oil of Bergamot ( a small yellowish, sour, citrus fruit similar to oranges)


These are fruit flavoured and herbal teas. For eg. Georgia te a s flavoured with citrus fruit and flowers


This tea from Taiwan is made from semi-fermented leaves.

Serving Tea

There are a many ways to serve te a.  Asia has its own unique traditions of serving teas.  In China, during occasions like family gatherings, weddings, and for simply showing respect or offering apologies t ea serving customs are used.

Different equipment and tools are used in Chinese te a service.

Tea service equipment includes

01. Tea pot for brewing loose te a leaves

  • Yixing teapots are very common for serving teas in China.
  • Iron teapots are typically used for serving teas and also will acquire a seasoned coating after prolonged use.
  • Porcelain teapots became very popular for English Afternoon teas.

Te a preparation in each of these teapots is very similar.

02. Tool for removing the t ea leaves

Tea Strainer

  • The te a leaves should be removed from the teapot before serving te a to prevent others from drinking the leaves.
  • Hand held strainers are used to catch te a leaves as t ea is poured from the teapot.
  • Many teapots contain a built-in strainer for easy removal of the t ea leaves.

03. Cup for drinking the prepared tea

  • Serving teas in a te a cup is one of the best ways to enjoy freshly made teas.
  • Glass te a cups enhance a tea service by allowing a view of the beautiful color of the te a.
  • Cast iron teacups complement the taste of the teas from the teapot of the same material.
  • Ceramic teacups and porcelain te a mugs are also options for serving teas and show a unique style.

At a typical English full te a service, you will find a fanciful te a set for serving teas.

  • A full te a set typically includes
  • porcelain or bone china tea pots
  • te a cups with saucers
  • sugar bowl
  • creamer
  • te a kettle
  • waste bowl
  • tray

Today there are many modern conveniences for serving teas such as electric tea makers and teapots for one or two people.  Electric te a makers use the latest technology to serve teas by controlling temperature and time for each variety of teas and are very popular at Hotel Guest room.

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