Housekeeping Co-Ordination with Other Department

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Housekeeping co-ordination 1

Housekeeping is like a center of circle in a wheel maintaining close contacts directly or indirectly with all the major departments of hotel. There must be a change of team work among all the employees to run the organization without any hazard. This is influence by the management policy and the behavior of the executive and supervisors towards the workers.

Housekeeping co-ordination with front-office

The co-operation between housekeeping and front office should be very intimate or close. Housekeeping prepares the room and front-office sales that room after preparing. Until and unless a close relationship is not maintained it will be a quite tough for a front office to sell the room as it isthe housekeeping department which cleans and shape the room after the guest departs and the front office reports to the housekeeping department about the number of rooms vacated so that the housekeeping department can do the cleaning and hand over the rooms.

Housekeeping co-ordination with F/B service

The restaurant, banquet and other F/B outlets constantly requires clean tablecloths, napkins etc. The staff who are also working in those outlets require clean uniform on daily basis.The former because they are in guest contact and the later to maintain the standard of hygiene . Housekeeping is also required in all the F/Boutlets to get the outlet clean before it opens for the guests.

Housekeeping co-ordination with Human Resource

Housekeeping co-ordinates with the personal department for recruitment of staff, issuing of identity cards lockers promotion, confirmation and other facilities.

Housekeeping co-ordination with purchase

The purchase department helps the housekeeping in purchasing various items used in housekeeping department such as guest supplies, room stationeries various cleaning agents linens etc.

Housekeeping co-ordination with security

The guest room is a private place and hotels spent lots of money to ensure the privacy and security. However the guest can take the advantage of this privacy by gambling performing any illegal activities inside the room. The housekeeping personal have to be alert to those going out and inform the security to take action against them.

Housekeeping co-ordination with maintenance

One of the most important functions of housekeeping department is to maintain the hotel or the purpose of keeping the furniture in working order for the safe of the guest. Hence a proper co-relation is necessary with the engineering department. Which actually carries out the task of fixing out of order furniture, replacement of all the all the electrical goods repairing of all the plumbing items etc.

Housekeeping co-ordination with laundry

It is the part of housekeeping that can either enhance the quality of housekeeping services. The responsibility of laundry is to wash dirty clothes and deliver clean and fresh linens to the guest as well as the other departments of hotels. The laundry has to supply clean linens to the housekeeping department time to time in order to run the operation smoothly. Housekeeping has to ensure that the clean linen is issued to the guest room restaurant and health club.

Housekeeping co-ordination with store

Normally housekeeping department has a store that stocks housekeeping linens supplies independently .Small hotels have only one store which is called general store. The relation between housekeeping department and the store is important as it ensures the day to day availability of items required by the housekeeping department by the store.

Housekeeping co-ordination with kitchen

Housekeeping supplies day to day fresh iniform ,dusters to the kitchen people and ensure through pest control inside the kitchen

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