Hotel Promotion Brainstorm Areas

When developing a program for hotel promotion to increase front office sales, the front office manager should identify the hotel products and services to be promoted. The major areas for hotel promotion are:

Front Office and hotel promotion

  • Reservations

    hotel promotion ideas

  • Upselling when reservation is done.
  • Additional reservations during registration and check out.

Hotel promotion with Rooms

  • Upgrading reservation during registration.
  • Hotel Promotion packages
  • Computer games / movie rentals

Office services and hotel promotion

  • Photocopies
  • Dictation
  • Typing
  • Fax transmission
  • Laptop / computer rental
  • In room DVD rental

Personal services and hotel promotion

  • Babysitting
  • Shopping
  • Bell staff assistance with luggage and equipment
  • Concierge
  • Theatre / music / art tickets
  • General tourist information
  • Airline reservations
  • Emergency services
  • Information on local transportation

Hotel promotion through Food and Beverage Department

Hotel promotion in Restaurants

  • Special menu items of the day
  • Signature menu items
  • Special pricing combinations for diners
  • Reservations
  • Gift certificates

Room service and hotel promotion

  • Meals
  • Early-bird breakfast service
  • Party service
  • Snacks
  • Beverages / alcohol

Banquet service / Lounge

  • Specials of the day
  • Theme of the day
  • Featured entertainer
  • Promotional package for hotel promotion as well.

Hotel promotion in Gift shop / Emergency items

  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Souvenirs
  • Promotional sales in progress

Health facilities /Swimming pool and hotel promotion

  • Memberships / gift certificates
  • Availability to guests
  • Jogging paths
  • Health Clubs
  • Availability to guests
  • Memberships / gift certificates

Few ideas for your hotel advertising

Announce Your Rateing – This one has verified to be general with guests and will get the cell ringing.

Bucket list You could write a piece of writing about one of the vital adventurous matters to do within the subject and have a bucket record package deal the place visitors could decide upon which option they would like to expertise as part of their package.

Partnership / cross advertising Working with regional companies to promote each other. This can be a win/win for each person.

Yoga and Spa package goal these trying to relax and rejuvenate and write about the benefits of taking time out to balance the physique. You would contact a neighborhood yoga studio and see if they are doing dawn and/or sundown yoga on the seashore or if they will discuss with your motel to run yoga classes.

3 Day Itinerary designated men and women have busy lives and more commonly when on vacation they do not wish to believe an excessive amount of, so create their stay for them. Target a particular visitor form, like a loved ones, and put collectively the great things for them to do over three days. Developed into the bundle you could have visits to neighborhood sights for the kids and in the night organize a babysitter, so the adults can go out and enjoy a meal and leisure at a venue  is really terrific.

Everlasting Specials totally recommended for search engine optimization rankings. With everlasting specials they’d run all 12 months, like a romantic honeymoon bundle. This way persons looking for a honeymoon bundle will find your article, which might link via to your designated (otherwise you would create a dedicated touchdown web page for this search time period). A first-class approach to make a common targeted stand out, is to create a video for this and advertise in a more attractive manner. See a video illustration right here.

Short term Specials regional hobbies. Tie in a specific with a web publication submit for an upcoming neighborhood occasion. If your article is written well, you’ll show up in search engines like google and yahoo for that exact event. If the event is on once more the next year, you’ll have this article already in your internet site and that you can regularly exhibit up each and every yr in serps.

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