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about Hotel Management in India

Hotel Management in India is today one of the most sought-after careers. For aspirant in the employment market, this has opened limitless opportunity in diverse spheres with the promise of rewards in the form of good remuneration, status and scope for professional and personal growth. Moreover, in this achievement-oriented profession where results count more than year of experience, bright and hardworking young people can rise to top positions fairly quickly.

Breakdown of Post Hotel Management in India Sectors

Professional managers in Hotel Management in India, depending of individual skill and specilization, usually

Hotel Management in India and its growth operate within one of the five defined functional areas. These might vary slightly from organization to organization.

  • Personal Management or Human Resource Development.
  • Finance.
  • Production and Operation
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)

There are also some special areas for work in Hotel Management in India, that is a particular type of business management.

  • International Management – deals in all areas of international trade and business.
  • Public System Management – management of public interprises, non-government organization and cooperatives.Hotel Management in India and kolkata
  • Operational Research – using mathematical analysis for solving financial and production problems.
  • Technology Management – specilizes in all aspects of technology, including financing and marking.
  • Management Consultancy – responsible for identifying and correcting problems concerned company policies, procedures and methods.
  • Hospital Management – responsible for the efficient running of hospitals and health care organizations.
  • Hotel Management – concentrates on all aspects of hospitality and hotel administration.
  • Rural Management – utilizing management practices for managing agro-based and other village industries as also marketing rural products.
  • Forest Management – responsible for handling the administration and marketing of forest-related projects and products for forest development.
  • Disaster Management – this comes into action during the times of natural calamities and disasters and is involved with reconstructing and rehabilitating disaster-stricken people and managing relief materials and other resourses.
  • Leisure & Event Management – management of leisure-related activities, clubs, parks and events.

OPPORTUNITIES in Hotel Management in India

Job Prospects Hotel Management in India

Hotel Management in India studies

Fresh management graudates form Hotel Management in India are usually recruited on-campus. Corporate organizations, multinationals, foreign banks, foreign financial institutions, and others attempt to woo students from the top management schools of Hotel Management in India with lucrative job offers. Most of the major businessschools have also initiated career placement schemes for the benefit of graduating candidate. MBA degree holders can join any of the following as executive or assistant managers.

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Financial Organizations
  • Public Sector Enterprises
  • Industrial Houses
  • Business Houses
  • Export Companies
  • Multinational Companies
  • Marketing Organizations

Remuneration for Hotel Management in India

Remuneration package for the professionals in Hotel Management in India are among the highest today, as there is still a predominant shortage of well-trained managers. Starting salary and perquisites vary depending on the size and prestige of the recuiting organization, the candidate’s qualification and the institute of training.


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