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Listen – Empathize – Apologize – Take action – Follow up – that’s all and you are on your way to get a return guest. – Here in this article we are going to discuss all about the biggest topic for hotel industry “guest satisfaction” or “guest complaints”.  Guest complaints hamper the reputation and working condition of the hotel. So to improve the standard of the hotel, the operational staff as well as managers should handle complaints very tactfully. Guest complaints are generally handled by Junior Executives, Hosts or Guest Relation Executives (GRE). But always keep this thing in mind that guests complaint only when they are not happy with the service only but the service for which he or she is complaining is very important to him / her at that moment.

The complaint handling thing is not a easy job so if you are not experienced with it or dont have any detail knowledge of the problem its better to refer someone may be your senior so the guest feel that the complaint is taken seriously.

But this doesn’t mean that you escape the problem all the time but try to stay with the guest and help him / her to your best so that the problems may get solved. Here in this article you will learn so many about guest complaint so next time you may at-least try to solve some of them without referring to your senior.

The top 5 Guest complaints in the Hotel industry now a days are very well related to:

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Attitudes and behavior of the staff
  3. Cancellations and refund
  4. Dissatisfaction is due to a misrepresentation
  5. Extra charges

Few basic Tips on how to handle Guest Complaints:

A Step by Step process that works most of the time.

  • Listen – concern – empathy.
  • Isolate
  • Stay calm – Don’t argue
  • Show personal interest
  • Give undivided attention – Concentrate on problem – Don’t blame – Don’t  Insult
  • Take notes
  • Offer choices – No false promise & don’t exceed authority
  • Plan corrective actions – Be specific – Set duration
  • Monitor the progress
  • Follow up

Lets sum up – Few steps in detail.

  1. Listen with concern and attention to the guest.

    Guest Complaints 1

  2. Isolate the guest if possible so that the other guests are not affected.
  3. Stay calm and do not argue with the guest.
  4. Be aware of the guest self esteem and show a personal interest in the problem. Use the guest’s name frequently and take the complaint seriously.
  5. Give the guest your undivided attention.
  6. Concentrate on the problem and do not blame or insult the guest.
  7. Writing down the points saves time, especially if someone else must get involved. Also the guest will slow down to help in writing. Moreover the fact that the staff is concerned enough to write down the problem re-assures the guest.
  8. Tell the guest what can be done and offer choices. Do not promise the impossible, and do not exceed your authority.
  9. Set an approximate time for completion of corrective actions. Be specific but do not underestimate the amount of time it will take to resolve the problem.
  10. Monitor the progress of the corrective action.
  11. Follow up. Even if the complaint was resolved by someone else, contact the guest to ensure that the problem was resolved satisfactorily. Report the entire event, actions taken, and the conclusion of the incident.

Reference: Guidelines for Handling guest-complaints…

Guest Complaints are gifts from guests

Unhappy Guests often do not complain but never come back to the hotel and take other 250 approx guest with them.

Heres How… If you get a Complaint – About 25 others have had the same problem but say nothing.    – AND – An unhappy guest will tell approx 10 people about the problem.

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