Recruitment and Selection for Hotel HR Planning & Development

Recruiting and selecting people to fill new or existing positions is an important element of human resource activity in all hospitality organizations. The human resource manager has to have the following skills for the various steps in recruitment and selection.

hotel Recruitment and Selection and HRm

The recruitment and selection process The skill required

  1. Job Description Evaluation of the vacancy
  2. Person specification Drafting of the criteria
  3. Advertisement Summarizing
  4. Shortlist Fair discrimination
  5. Interview Questioning skills
  6. Selection tests Listening skills
  7. References Assessment skills
  8. Decision Evaluation

Sources of recruitment in the hospitality industry

  • Job centre
  • Local press
  • Word of mouth
  • Employment agencies
  • Trade press
  • National press
  • Personnel consultants
  • Others (internal sources and in-house recruitment centre in chains)

Short listing techniques for recruitment and selection

  • Essential criteria for short listing.
  • Individual selectors give their own list of a given number of candidates.
  • Selectors reveal list and try to finalize, if still not clear.
  • Discuss why certain candidates are preferred and other not.
  • Produce final short list after negotiation and compromise.


  • It can be defined as a “conversation with a purpose” to assess for objectives:
  • To decide if an applicant is suitable for a job.
  • To decide if the person will fit into the existing work group or organization.
  • To attract applicants for a job.
  • To communicate essential expectations and requirements of the job.

Points to be remembered during interviews

  • Interviewers should only talk around 20 percent of the time; the remaining time should be filled in by the interviewees.
  • Open questions starting with what, why, when, which, and how are more useful to bring out information from the candidates. For example, instead of asking a question like, “Did you enjoy your last job?” the interviewer could ask, “What did you enjoy about your last job?”
  • It is estimated that the interviewers often make their decisions within 5-10 minutes of an interview.
  • Interviewers and interviewees should aim to be open in their body language and non verbal communications.
  • Interviewers recognize and like candidates from similar backgrounds to them, in terms of education background etc.
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