Non Alcoholic Beverages

In this article we will discuss about various Types of Non Alcoholic Beverages and their service procedure.

TEA : Tea – Click here to find details

COFFEE : Coffee – Click Here to find details

WATER : Water – Click Here to find details


  • CRUSHES: They are type of Nonalcoholic Beverages roughly crushed fruits from where we get juice. The whole crushed fruit is bottled with some preservatives. Example: – strawberry crush.
  • SYRUPS: Type of Nonalcoholic Beverages concentrated, sweet, fruit flavoured liquids for eg:-
  • grenadine (pomegranate)
  • cassis (blackcurrant)
  • citronelle (lemon)
  • gomme (white sugar syrup)
  • framboise (raspberry)
  • cerise (cherry)
  • orgeat (almond)
  • SQUASH: These are Nonalcoholic Beverages made by extracting juices from fresh fruits and adding sugar to it. Examples :- Orange Squash
  • AERATED WATERS: These are Nonalcoholic Beverages charged or aerated with carbonic gas. The flavourings found in different aerated water are imparted from various essences.

Some examples of these aerated waters are as Follows:

  • Soda water, colourless and tasteless
  • Tonic water, colourless and quinine flavoured
  • Dry ginger: golden straw coloured with a ginger flavour
  • Bitter lemon: pale cloudy coloured with a sharp lemon flavor

Other flavoured waters which come under this heading are:

  • ‘Fizzy’ lemonades
  • Orange
  • Ginger beer
  • Coca-cola, etc


Lassi: Indian refreshing drink, it is designed to cool the palate following spicy food. It has yogurt base, which in this recipe can be made savoury by adding cumin and coriander, or sweet with rosewater and sugar. it also have a mango version with added pistachio and mint.


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