Malnutrition means shortage of right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals, etc.
We live in India, but this country, and also in Africa, some part of Europe malnutrition is found in abundance, because children are not getting enough nutrition-food , which develop the growth.

Poor diet may lead to shortage of vitamins, and calories eagle in different of disease . These spilling can be overcome by fresh-food and vegetables.

The following symptoms of malnutrition can be found.

1. Loss of fat.
2. Breathing difficulties.
3. High risk of surgery, etc. .

The malnutrition can be avoided or remedied by keeping in view following.

Fresh fruits and vegetables to be taken , so that digestive order can work smoothly . Thus not came the disease out of malnutrition.

It is more in India than in Africa. One in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India.

About 50% of all childhood death are all because of malnutrition. In India, around 46% of all children below the age of three are too small 47% are underweight.

In India compared to other state Madhya Pradesh recording the highest rate (55%) and Kerala among the lowest rate (27%)

Ask About Your Nutrition

1. Are you or your loved one experiencing any of these?
2. Unplanned weight loss?
3. Loss of appetite?
4. Not able to eat or only able to eat small amounts?
5. Feeling Weak or Tired?
6. Swelling or fluid accumulation?

If you or your loved one have any of these problems, ask about your nutrition!

Understanding Hunger & Malnutrition by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Understanding Hunger & Malnutrition by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Nutrition is important to your recovery and has been shown to promote positive outcomes. Ask if you can be evaluated by a registered dietitian or nutrition support clinician.

Impact of Malnutrition

1. Low Mood
2. Weight loss
3. Low energy
4. Muscle loss
5. Increased risk of fractures
6. Confusion
7. Infections
8. Reduce independence
9. Increased risk of falls
10. Reduce mobility

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