Hotel Lost and found procedures

Lost and found 1When a guest check out from the hotel unfortunately if he had left some thing in the hotel rooms the items has been deposited into lost and found section in housekeeping department.

Lost and found procedure

1 After receiving of lost and found articles from the guest rooms, the desk control supervisor files all the details in lost and found register.

2. The control desk supervisor should prepare the lost and found form in triplicate, where he should write the details of the articles, like date time location of the article found description of the article finders name, receivers name signature and room no.

3. The article and the original copy of the form is stored in plastic bag and kept in lost and found cupboard

4. Duplicate copy is send to the front office to obtain the data of the guest.

5. Triplicate copy is retained in lost and found book

6. The Executive- House-keeper obtains the forwarding address of the guest from the front office who have the information in the registration card. If the guest name is not known the housekeeping department has to wait for the guest claim.

7. If any inquiry about the article the control desk supervisor cross check with the register

8. If desk control supervisor satisfy with the guest answer the lost articles has been issued to the concerned guest , and obtain the signature of the person collecting the articles

9. If the articles has to be mailed to the forwarding address the articles should be send under the register post with the charges made known to the guest and claims the amount on cash on delivery.

10. If the guest does not claims the articles in spite of reminders the article is placed for a specific period of time as prescribed by the management , after that period the article is gifted to the finder .

11. In such situation the housekeeping will issue gate pass to the employee for the security, and take the article out of the hotel.

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