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Most hotels are now using the internet to communicate about, promote, and sell products and services. The advancement of technology has changed the way many hospitality organizations conduct business through Internet Marketing.

hotel Internet Markeeting and BNG Kolkata

Internet marketing benefits both buyers and sellers, as shown below:

Benefits to buyers

Benefits to sellers

. It is convenient and easy to use, and it offers privacy – buyers do not have to leave even their rooms to buy. They do not have to face the sales people and their proposals.


. It offers great product access, selection and hence comparative information – buyers have easy access to a wide range of alternatives and it is much easier for them to make comparisons.


. It gives buyers greater control over the buying process. Example: customers can choose their in-flight seats via the internet.

. It is a powerful tool for guest relationship building – hotels can interact with their guests online and learn about their needs and wants through comments provided by the guests.


. It reduces costs of doing business and increases speed and efficiency.


. It offers greater flexibility. It allows hotels to make ongoing adjustments to its offers and programs. For example, a hotel can easily adjust their room rates based on the projected occupancy conditions.


  • Hospitality organizations are making the best use of internet to reach and serve their guests more effectively and efficiently. Most of the hotels have websites that show the room types with rates in details. Guests can choose and book directly from the websites.
  • The availability of internet has created a platform for consumers to buy or exchange goods directly with another. For example, guests can make online orders for home deliveries of food and beverage in many restaurants nowadays.
  • Guests can provide instant feedback and pose questions to the hospitality organizations via the web sites or social networking sites.

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