Housekeeping Supplies and Amenities

Housekeeping supplies and amenities are the list of items that the guest use during their stay at the hotel room .

Housekeeping supplies and amenities 2

Placement of Guest supplies in a room

Housekeeping supplies and amenities for Guest includes all the items that are conductive to the guest material comfort and convenience


1. A D.N.D. Card the reverse of which may be ” please make up my room” card on the door knob on the inside of the door.

2. A detailed map of fire exit is ideally affixing behind the door

Housekeeping supplies and amenities on the writing table

1. A #guest stationary folder with monogrammed note pads, envelopes post card with hotel picture and guest comment forms are placed on the table. A pen and A pencil is also placed alongside.

2. Tend card (hotel publicity card) given information about the special events in the hotel are also placed on the desk.

3. An ashtray is also put on it.

4. A candle along with the candle holder and match box is put on the writing table.

5. A waste paper basket next to the writing table on the floor .

6. A Chair with the backrest is placed on the writing table.

On the bed side table

1. The telephone and the service directory are placed on the table.

2. A Small scribbling pad along with the pen are placed on the bed side table.

3. An ashtray along with the match box are also been placed on the bed side table.

4. A Breakfast knob card is usually kept on the 1st shelf or in the drawer of beside table.

5. A Local telephone directory is placed in the lowermost shelf of the beside table.

On the coffee table

1. An ashtray along with the match box is placed on the coffee table.

2. The house-magazine or some tourist magazine and newspaper.

3. The room service menu card is also a housekeeping supplies and amenities and placed on the coffee table

4. A letter of greetings sign by the general manager is also placed on coffee table.

In the drawer and cupboard

1. Swing or mending kit are kept on the drawer.

2. Laundry bags and a laundry rate sheet are kept.

3. A few plastic utility bags may also been placed on the wardrobe for the guest for keeping of shoes.

4. Clothes hangers are hang on the hooks or hanging rod inside the cupboard.

Housekeeping supplies and amenities Below the luggage rack

The luggage rack usually have the lower shelf for guest to keep their shoes on. The shoe mitts or shoe kit may also be placed on their shelf.

On the dressing table

1. A mirror is mounted on the wall with enough lighting facilities.

2. Comb and brushes are placed on the dressing table.

In the bathroom

A Bathroom may have the following housekeeping supplies and amenities and fixtures.

1. A Full length mirror at the entrance

2. A Bath tub with a bath mat

3. A water closet

4. A tissue holder with tissue roll affix on the wall near the W.C.

On or near the vanity unit

Supplies near the vanity unit are as follows

1. Monogrammed soaps, shampoo bottles, moisturizers talc etc.

2. Shower cap gurgle glass tissue box razor blades dental kit, shaving kit.

3. A sanitary bin beside W.C. under the vanity corner.

On the towel rack

1. Bath towel and bath sheet on the towel rack.

2. 2 Hand towel and 2 face towel

3. 1 Bath mat.

Housekeeping supplies and amenities PROVIDED IN ROOMs and BATHROOMs

Following are the amenities which are provided in standard superior room and bathroom.



Bed linen

Hair Dryer

Mini- fridge

Hot and cold water

Safety depositlocker

Bathroom linen



Room service

Vanity set


Shoe Mitts


Sanitary disposal

Fire safety
Coffee Maker

Following are the supplies which are provided in standard superior room and bath-room.



Stationary withpen


Sewing kit









Shower cap

Bedside telephonenotepad with pen

Vanity unit


Disposal bag

Candleand matchbox
Laundry bag
Laundry Forms andbags
Guest commentforms

Room service menu

and tent cards

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