Hotel Guest Room and various types of Guest Rooms

Apart from knowing the reservation terminology a reservation agent must have knowledge of guest room s of the hotel available for sale. Each hotel has a variety of rooms to meet the needs of guests.

  • A single guest would like to stay in a single guest room to be cost-effective.
  • A couple will find a double room more convenient
  • A family may choose a suite to have more leg room for children to move around.
  • A business executive may want a special suite to entertain privately or show off his financial status to his or her clients.
  • Budget groups may be willing to share twin guest rooms.
  • Up-market groups may prefer guest single rooms.

Guest needs are endless and their motives for booking a type of guest room may be varied.


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A typical hotel will have the following types of rooms:

  • Adjacent guest Room       : Two rooms beside each other across the corridor.
  • Adjoining guest Room      : Two rooms beside each other on the same side of the corridor.
  • Cabana                                   : A room with a sofa cum bed ideally situated beside swimming pools or at beaches.
  • Connecting guest Room  : Two rooms with an inter-connecting door, ideal for a family.
  • Double guest Room          : A room with one king-sized double bed.
  • Executive Room                  : A room with additional features like internet connections, computer points, mini bars, etc; specially designed for the business executive.
  • Single guest Room              : A room with a single bed.
  • Studio                                     : A room with a sofa-cum-bed.
  • Triplet                                     : A double room with one extra roll-away cot.
  • Twin guest Room                  : A room with two single beds.
  • Quad                                       : A room for four people fitted with twin beds and two roll – away beds.
  • Queen                                    : A room with a queen-sized bed for single or double occupancy.
  • Lanai                                      : A room with beautiful view.
  • Hollywood Twins                : A room with two single beds separated from each other but have a common headboard.
  • Efficiency guest Room      : A room with attached kitchen.
  • Parlour                                 : A room very similar to Studio.


  • Junior Suite                          : A room with a seating parlour and a bed.
  • Double Suite                        : Two rooms, one serving as a living cum dining area and the other   with a double bed.
  • Duplex Suite                        : Two suites on two floors with an interconnecting staircase.
  • Executive Suite                   : Suite specially fitted for business executives (as explained in an ex ecutive room).
  • Single Suite                          : Two rooms, one serving as a living cum dining area and another with a single bed.
  • Tourist Huts                         : An independent suite situated separately from the main hotel They are found mostly in resorts for greater privacy and exclusivity. Some suites also have independent mini-kitchens.
  • Pent house suite                : A suite situated at the top floor and a part of a room is made up of glass.
  • Presidential Suite               : A suite which is consisted of two or more rooms with attached bath and a living room.

Types of Guest Room Rate

Hotel normally develops room rates based on various purposes it serves:

  1. Minimum-moderate-maximum These rates are arrived at by evaluating the rates quoted by competition and contribution required from room revenue to meet operational costs and investments. The location of rooms can get influence price. A prime view can attract better rates than one with restricted views.
  1. The rack rate which is the rate of the day based on market trends. The rack ranges from the maximum rate during peak season to the minimum rate during off season.
  1. Guest Room plans. A room plan is a package proposal of rooms and meals.

These plans are :

European Plan (EP)  Charges for the guest room only.

American Plan (AP)  Charges for guest room and all meals.

Modified American Plan (MAP) Charges for guest room plus breakfast and lunch or dinner.

Continental Plan (CP)  Charges for guest room and a Continental breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast (BB) Charges for guest room and English breakfast.

Guest decisions on opting for a particular plan is influenced by their tour itineraries such as

  • Business guests are entertained by clients or eat at restaurants closer to the place of work. They may prefer to pay for the room without meal options. The opt for EP.
  • Shoppers grab a bite from a hotdog stand or in a food court when on the move. They may prefer a hearty breakfast only. They may opt for Bed and Breakfast or CP.
  • Tourists may like to start the day with a hearty breakfast before venturing out on sight-seeing tours and return to a warm dinner. They would like to skip the lunch option. They may opt for MAP.
  • Families on holidays do not want the chores of cooking and may opt for AP.
  • Again there are some whose daily schedule is uncertain and may opt for room and a morning breakfast before setting out.


In addition to the above plans, there are other rates that reservation agents quote, are:

  1. Airline Contract Rate: A special negotiated rate for airline crews.
  2. Corporate Rate: A rate worked out for business houses that guarantee a minimum number of room nights per year.
  3. Crib Rate: A cradle or basinet provided in a room for infants.
  4. Day Rate: A rate for guests who are not staying overnight.
  5. Extra Bed: A wheeled foldable bed that is added to a room on the guest’s request.
  6. Family Rate: A rate found in resorts for families on holiday.
  7. Frequent Traveler Rate: A rate that gains discounts for frequent use of the property under a Frequent Traveler program.
  8. Group Rate: A discounted rate for groups in view of volume business.
  9. Government Rate: A negotiated discounted rate with government bodies for their traveling officials and foreign visitors.
  10. Hotel Federation Rate: A courtesy rate to all members of the hotel federation.
  11. Maximum-Moderate-Minimum Rate: A price range to maximise revenue according to the circumstances.
  12. Package Rate: A rate quoted when there are events in the city and includes the price of ac   cess to the events.
  13. Rack Rate: The official rate of the hotel on a given day.
  14. Trade Rate: A negotiated discounted rate with trade organisation that guarantee a minimum number of room nights.
  15. Travel Agents Rate: A negotiated rate for volume businesses.
  16. Travel Writers: A discounted rate to encourage them to write about the hotel and facilities.
  17. UN Rate: A negotiated rate for all local United Nations representatives for UN staff provided they guarantee a minimum number of room nights.
  18. Diplomatic Rate : A negotiated discounted rate to attract diplomatic business.
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