Special Guest Requests

At the time of reservations guests may make special requests to make their stay more comfortable. The guest requests can be from the usual to the bizarre! The reservation agent must be frank if a guest request cannot be made or is against the policy of the hotel. Below is a list of requests:


Arrival: Room:
Hotel coach or limousine services • Extra pillows
• A name display board by the driver at the airport. • Orthopaedic mattress
Wheelchair at the porch • Non-smoking room
• Pre-registration • Room for the handicapped
Early arrival • Adjacent room allocation
Security service (dignitaries, celebrities) • Interconnecting rooms
Confidential check-in (celebrities) • Rooms with preferred views
Welcome drinks (groups, dignitaries, celebrities) • Full bar
•Exclusive check-in counter (groups, delegates) • Celebration cake in room
• Chilled Champagne in bucket
Services: Billing:
• Safety deposit facility • Late departure
• Left luggage facility • Master folio (for groups)
. Kennel services • Split folio (for two sharing a room)
baby-sitting service
Meeting rooms
• Secretarial service
• florist service
Expecting important mail
Specialist medical services


  • Facility for exotic pets (boa constrictor, chimpanzee, alligator, parakeet!)

    guest requests 1

  • Practice room for musicians (rock bands)
  • Escort service for singles
  • Tickets for local event
  • Performers for private party in suite
  • Permission to keep arms
  • Masseuse in the room
  • Room converted to hospital bed (with IV, heart monitor, etc)
  • Room without magnetic field (for those with heart pacemakers)
  • Special meals for groups
  • Special kitchen for preparation of meals for pilgrims.
  • Preacher of a faith
  • Meditation room (for Buddhist groups)
  • Prayer Room (for Islamic groups)
  • Practice grounds (for sports teams)
  • Special TV Channels (during sports championships or particular soap operas)
  • Escort for child traveling alone.
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