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Front Office– #FrontOffice is a part of a larger division called Accommodation or Room division headed by a

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Director of Accommodation Division. The front office as the name suggests is the first and the last point of contact for a guest. From this department all the information about the hotel is given to the guest.

Different sections of the hotel are as follows;

Front Office – Reservation– Reservation is the part of front office department. Hotel bookings are made through this section. A large chain may have its own centralized reservation system which is a single point where all reservation of the chain are made, while independent hotels may subscribe to an international reservation system that is open to any hotel who subscribes to it

a]The main functions of this section are to book rooms in advance.

b] Maximize the sale of rooms.

c] Gather as many information from the guest for making reservation.

d] Reservation agent should have good and healthy relation with the sales and marketing department to maximize the revenue of the hotel.

Front Office – Reception – It is located at the lobby level of the hotel. The main work of this section is the registration. Other functions of this section are as follows.

a] To welcome the guest.

b] Procedure of check in and check out of the guest carries out in this department.

c] Assigning or allocating rooms to the guest.

d] Issuing room keys to the guest.

e] Creating guest folios and settling guest account are most important job responsibilities of the receptionist.

Front Office – Telecommunications-The telecommunication department is responsible for all communication within the hotel as well as outside the hotel. Importance of this department is as follows;

a] guest can make local as well as international calls directly from their respective rooms.

b] Charges or the amount are directly posted to the guest folios.

c] Facilities given to the guest by the hotel like wake up calls, DND, interconnecting phones, call waiting etc are handled by telecommunication department.

Front Office – Concierge- The concierge staff is responsible for security, lodging and arrangements of Hotels if they want to visit for entertainment. These staff also provides information about the City Events. There are other functions of the sections are as follows:

  1. The Concierge staff provides information about the tourist places; provide guide maps to the guest.
  2. They also help guest to book tickets for sight seen, reserve restaurants for the guest, books movie tickets for the guest.
  3. Other important function of this section is to provide or deliver messages to the guest rooms.

Front Office – Bell Desk- It is also important section of front office department because it deals with guests’ luggages and baggage’s. The important function of this section is as follows:

  1. Co-ordinate the movement of guests’ luggage and baggage during the check – in and check – out of the guests.
  2. Distributing daily newspaper and magazines to the guest rooms.
  3. He is responsible for creating reports for guest Errand Card, left luggage procedure, Scanty baggage procedure.
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