Flower arrangement for Hotel House Keeping

Flower plays an inherent part of human life. We use flower in our daily life for various ways. Here in kthis article we will discuss about flower arrangement and different type of  flower arrangement in the hotel.

Importance of flower in our daily life

  1. Flowers are used for offering and worshiping.
  2. During any festival flower is used in our home and hotel for decorating purpose.
  3. During any ceremonial occasion we use the flower for decoration purpose.
  4. When a person dies we use flower for paying our last tribute.
  5. Flower can considered as most valuable gift
  6. When the V.I.P. guest comes in a hotel we use to welcome him with flower.

So the importance of flower in our daily life is   unavoidable .

Types of flower arrangement

There are 3 different types of flower arrangements

They are as follows

  1. Western style/ Traditional style

  2. Oriental style/ Japanese style

  3. Modern style/ Abstract style.

  1. Western Style- This style is also known as traditional style of flower arrangement. The Western style of

    types of flower arrangement in hotel

    flower arrangement is based on symmetrical grouping of different flowers. It is displayed on high decorative vase. The flower arrangement in this section is very large and vast. Small flowers are concentrated on the center, with large flowers surrounded with them. The center always content dark flowers while light colors flowers are there to outline them. The shape may be round oval or triangular.

  1. Oriental style- Oriental style is better known as IKEBANA (Arrangement of fresh flowers). It is based on the arrangement of fresh flowers and foliage’s. The IKEBANA style of flower arrangement is totally symbolic and is based between earthly and spiritual life. The shape is triangular in shape, The highest point is HEVEN while the other 2 points are man and earth. The number of flower used in this type is very odd.
  1. Modern style- This style has no fix rules the arrangement used both fresh flowers and foliage’s along with dry part of trees pieces of wood , bark and even sculpture.

Tools for flower arrangement –

  1. Container/ flower vase- The container or flower vase forms the main base of flower arrangement. Care should be taken to choose the right shape. For large arrangement the container should be large enough, with big mouth to hold the number of stems and foliage’s. The container should be less decorative, because over decoration may spoil the beauty of decoration.
  2. Stem holder/ Flower holder- They are used to hold the flower in the proper place at the base of the container. They are made up of glass metal or hard plastic.
  3. Sponge/ Foam- Foams are light when dry but heavy when soaked in water. They are used for substitute of stem holder.
  4. Scissors/ cutters- Florist scissor are of special type with curve edge. A small scissor can be used for the removal of leaves but large are required for the cutting of hard thorns.
  5. Wire/ Thread– Wire of different strengths are used for different purpose. They are used for tying of various stems in bundles.
  6. Adhesive- Adhesive like double side paste gum etc, are used to stick number of stems together., or stemless flowers to any stems.
  7. Mist spray- They are use to spray water to refresh the cut flower and foliage’s from garden and storing them until they are used.
  8. Water can/ Buckets- Buckets are used for the collection of flowers and foliage’s from the garden and for storing them until they are used.

Tips for keeping the flower arrangement fresh

  1. Remove all extra leaves and stems
  2. Spray water frequently so that flowers and leaves do not dry.
  3. Always keep the stems of flower and foliage’s under water.
  4. Pick flower in the late night or early in the morning before they fully bloom.
  5. Dip a piece of charcoal to keep the water pure.
  6. Fill the empty flower vase with warm water every day.
  7. Sugar may be added to the water to increase the life of flower.


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