Employee Involment And Participation in Hotel HR Planning & Development

Employee involvement is concerned with measures which are introduced by management to optimize the utilization

Employee involvement for hotel hr

of labour whilst at the same time securing the employee’s identification with the aims and needs of the organization.

Employees will usually be asked to give their views on a range of issues, including:

  • The organization’s strategic direction and leadership.
  • Organizational culture.
  • The organization as an employer.
  • Pay and benefits.
  • Working environment and conditions.
  • Working relationships (i.e. with managers and colleagues).
  • Company image.
  • Overall satisfaction/commitment to the organization.
  • Reaction to the survey and previous follow-up action.


  • Reduction in the so-called social distance between customers and employees, so service is not seen as slavery.
  • Improved quality and guest satisfaction, as the removal of close supervision creates a more responsive service delivery system.
  • Enhanced motivation and job satisfaction for employees, leading to greater commitment and reduced labour turnover.
  • More time for managers to engage in strategic planning and customer responsiveness.
  • Cost savings and improvements from ideas generated by employees.
  • Word of mouth advertising.

Direct communication and information sharing techniques for better Employee involvement

  • Meetings with entire workforce or team briefings
  • Systematic use of management chain
  • Regular newsletter
  • Noticeboards
  • E-mail
  • Intranet
  • Suggestion schemes
  • Employee attitude surveys

Employee involvement is growing an environment in which people have an impact on selections and actions that impact their jobs.

Employee involvement shouldn’t be the purpose nor is it a device, as practiced in lots of businesses. As a substitute, it’s a management and management philosophy about how men and women are most enabled to make contributions to steady growth and the ongoing success of their work organization.

My bias, from working with persons for 40+ years, is to involve humans as a lot as possible in all points of work choices and planning. This involvement raises possession and commitment, retains your exceptional staff, and fosters an environment wherein people pick to be encouraged and contributing.

The best way to contain workers in selection making and continuous growth hobbies is the strategic aspect of Employee involvement and might include such methods as advice programs, manufacturing cells, work groups, steady improvement conferences, Kaizen (steady development) movements, corrective motion strategies, and periodic discussions with the supervisor.

Intrinsic to most worker involvement strategies is coaching in workforce effectiveness, verbal exchange, and quandary fixing; the development of reward and attention methods; and regularly, the sharing of positive aspects made through worker involvement efforts.

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