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1.    #Haggis: A kind of bag pudding. made in Scotland. from liver. sheep’s head. etc.. finely minced and mixed with oatmeal, herbs. etc.
2.    #Hash :  A made-up dish of meat that has been diced or minced.
3.    #Hollandaise: A rich sauce of Dutch origin made with butter or cream. egg yolks and lemon or vinegar served warm at room temperature.
4.    #Horsd’oeuvre:Small savoury tidbits. served as an appetizer at the beginning of a meal.

#Halvah – A sweetmeat from the Middle East made with tahini, butter, sugar, honey, and nuts and flavoured with rosewater or saffron.

#Hazelnut – A small round hard-shelled nut and mild sweet flavour; it can be eaten fresh, or roasted and salted. The filbert is a large cultivated hazelnut.

#Honey – a sweet viscous fluid made by the bees from flower nectar and stored sealed in wax honeycombs. Colour and flavour depends upon the species of flower the nectar came from – in general, the darker the colour, the stronger the flavour.

#Thyme honey is clear and dark golden and ranked by some as the finest in the world; orange blossom yields an amber – coloured citrus flavoured honey. Clover honey, the most common in North America, is pale, clear and mild.

Liquid honey is the honey as extracted from the honeycomb. Candied, creamed or whipped honey has some of the moisture removed and is finely crystallized (all honey will crystallize and harden with age).

Honey is used as a spread, in baking, as a sweetener for beverages and cereals and in the making of confectionery.

#Honeycomb – A waxy structure made by bees consisting of rows of adjacent hexagonal cells in which they store honey, lay eggs and allow larvae to develop. Resembling this in its structure is a brittle confection (candy) with an aerated interior made by adding bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to boiling syrup of honey and sugar.

#Honeydew Melon – A round, pale skinned melon with honey-scented, juicy, pale green flesh and slender, pale seeds. The flesh can be eaten raw on its own, added to fruit salads or served with prosciutto as a first course.

Hot Cross Bun – A small bun made with a yeast dough flavoured with spices and dried fruits. It is slashed on top with a cross and glazed with a sugar syrup. Nowadays it is traditionally eaten on Good Friday, but the hot cross bun was originally baked to honour the pagan goddess of spring – the round shape representing the moon and the cross the four seasons.

#Hotwater Pastry – A pastry made with hot water, lard, flour and salt that even before baking sets into a shell firm enough to stand by itself. The pastry must be used while still warm, as it becomes brittle when cold. Hot water pastry is used for traditional English raised pies such as game, veal, and ham, and pork pies, all usually served cold.

#Huckleberry – See #Blueberry.

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