Soft Furnishing used in Hotels

Soft furnishing includes curtains, loose cover, cushions, bedspread etc. & they contribute greatly to the appearance of the room, by bringing to its color, pattern & texture. Some articles give, protection & some in addition in warmth & comfort. Here in this article we will discuss about Types soft furnishings, Care & cleaning of Curtains, Blinds, Loose covers, Cushions, Soft furnishing fabrics, Soft furnishing materials etc.

Curtains as Soft furnishing

Curtains are require to

  • Give privacy when the windows may be overlooked
  • Darken the room when necessary
  • Reduce heat loss & noise level
  • Curtains are essential to the appearance of any windows, & also any furnishing fabrics, can be used.

Care & cleaning of the curtain

  1. Keep the rod tract free from the dust by use of wall broom & vacuum cleaner, attachment.
  2. Shake often , use vacuum cleaner attachment or brush occasionally to remove dust from the curtain
  3. Reverse the position of curtain so that no part is continuously exposed to sun.
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Blinds as Soft furnishing

Blinds are sometimes used in place of curtains where windows can be overlooked & they can give protection from the sun, to fabric painting & object art.

Care & cleaning of blinds

  1. Attend to badly hanging blind
  2. Dust or wipe frequently
  3. Wash with warm water & synthetic detergent

Loose covers as Soft furnishing

Loose covers are detachable covers fitted over upholstered chairs, stool, etc. They can give a clean fresh appearance to a room but the constant need to straightened them & to keep them well maintained.

Loose cover may be used to cover the shabbiness to protect the original upholstery & to change the appearance of the room. The covers may be reach almost to the floor level.

Care & cleaning of loose cover

  1. Loose covers may be laundered but many are better dry cleaned as they are liable to shrink when washed & have difficulty on putting them again.
  2. Shake & tidy frequently
  3. Brush or suction clean regularly.
  4. Have laundered or dry cleaned.

Cushions as Soft furnishing

Cushions may be used to increase the comfort of chair, & sofa & to bring the color pattern & texture of the room. They may be shaped to fit the chair or sofa, so forming the seat or back of the piece of furniture. Cushions required constant attention because they are often removed from the normal places .

Care & cleaning of cushions

  1. Shake & tidy frequently
  2. Repair when necessary
  3. Brush or suction clean regularly
  4. Remove covers & wash & dry clean.
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