Safety awareness & basic accident prevention

Safety awareness is the on going programs at all the establishment. The management of all establishment should be aware of laws, concerning safe work environment & should be concerned about the safety of employee. Periodic training should be given to all staff in order to raise awareness about safety. All the H.O.D. must ensure that the employee follow safe job procedure, correct unsafe condition immediately & take enough time to do the job, so that accident are not caused due to haste. The Executive house-keeper should develop comprehensive list of safety rules to be followed by all the house-keeping employee. This can be the part of house-keeping safety manual.

BUILD efficiency and productivity.
REDUCE workplace injuries.
SAVE workers comp cost.
GAIN confidence in safety and compliance.

Basic Guideline for the prevention of accident -“Safety doesn’t happen by accident..”

  1. Always follow instruction when using cleaning mechanical equipments.
  2. Replace caps on cleaning chemicals immediately & securely after dispensing.
  3. Label cleaning agents clearly.
  4. Keep floor clean & dry use Signs while cleaning.
  5. Dispose of rubbish carefully, use protective clothing and proper garbage bag.
  6. Clean away broken glass carefully.
  7. Never place cigarette bud or sharp object, in the trash bag or room attendants cart. Never place ashtray at the bedside table.
  8. Use ladder carefully.
  9. Lift heavy items carefully without a bent down posture.
  10. Never mix more than one cleaning agents without prior knowledge. [ex. chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach]

Safety are continually very worried with visitor safeguard, but the Safety of hotel staff also have to be taken under consideration. Because the exceptional technique to hold staff Safety at night is to preserve them within the property as much as feasible, John Porior, president of WHG organizations, said to ensure all garbage boxes are emptied before darkish and to have staff watch every different stroll to their cars or different varieties of transportation in the course of shift alterations.

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Martin Flaherty, corporate director of protection at Coakley & Williams, suggests hotels maintain month-to-month Safety meetings with staff, and to kind an on-property defense committee. Staff must be expert on the best way to take care of intoxicated guests at bars, and must constantly name management or the authorities when dealing with belligerent guests.

“As a hotel, you wish to have to improve a relationship with the local police, have them seek advice from on the whole to check up on the constructions and maintain managers that recognize them,” Flaherty stated.

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According to Margaret Leon, operations director for Driftwood Hospitality administration, personal Safety for employees is a foremost subject in the enterprise. Roughly one 12 months in the past, Driftwood enacted a brand new housekeeping cart coverage to preserve housekeeping staff as they smooth rooms, whereby the carts at the moment are used to wash whilst employees operates in a closed guestroom, versus with the door open. This takes away the likelihood of an associate being trapped in a guestroom through a guest or vacationer,” Leon said. “subject matters like information security are stealing the headlines, however personal safety in accommodations is a primary topic. Housekeeping may also be running on a floor throughout the day when there may be now not plenty of endeavor, and there is a lot of opportunity for publicity there. It’s foremost for neighbors to think secure, and we consider this new rule alternate helps with that.”

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