Housekeeping in Hotel

The housekeeping in hotel is responsible for tidiness, maintenance and upkeepment of the organization. The role of housekeeping is to keep clean, comfortable, and safe house. It is the extension of basic housekeeping multiply by commercial proportion. Thus we enjoyed keeping a sparkling house for ourselves and the guest who visit at the hotel. Housekeeping in hotel takes the pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable so as to create home away from home.

The concept of housekeeping in hotel is simple but when consider to maintain a house of several hundred rooms and numerous public areas the task becomes gigantic. It takes an well organized approach and technical undertaking to enable the house-keeper to cope up with the volume of work. Hotel survives on the sale of rooms, food and beverages, and other minor operating services, such as laundry, health club, business centre etc. Of these the sales of rooms considered to be minimum 50% of the hotel revenue. In other words the hotels largest margin of profit comes from the rooms sale because the rooms once made can be sold over and over , again and again. Good hotel operation ensure optional room sale to bring the minimum profit. The room sale is depend on several things ; the quality of rooms, décor of the rooms, facilities which are given in the rooms, and how safe the room is. The criteria by which the guest decides weather the room is good or bad., suitable for him or not.

Since the choice vary the task of satisfying each an every individual guest is very much difficult. To make a room appealing for guest it is the task of housekeeping in hotel, which has to ensure the basic human needs of comfort and security. Thus the person tried his level best to present a desirable room and that has direct relation with the guest expense in hotel.

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Housekeeping in Hotel Functions


The aim ,objectives and responsibilities of housekeeping department is given below;

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #1

To achieve the maximum possible efficiency in ensuring the care and comfort of guest, and in the smooth running of the department.

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #2

To establish a well coming atmosphere and ensure reliable service from all the staff of the department.

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #3

To ensure a high standard of cleanliness general up keep in all areas for which the department is responsible.

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #4

To provide linens in rooms restaurant, banquet hall conference room health club and so as well as to maintain an inventory for the same.

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #5

To provide uniform for all the staff and maintain inventory for the same.

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #6

To cater to the laundry of the hotel linen , staff uniform and guest linen.

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #7

Housekeeping in Hotel 2

To provide and maintain the floral decoration and maintain the landscape areas of hotels.

Housekeeping in Hotel Function #8

To co-ordinate the renovation of the property after consultation with the managemen

t and interior decorator.

Hotel Housekeeping Function #9

To co-ordinate with the purchase department for purchasing of guest supplies,cleaning agents linens , carpets which are required in housekeeping department in day to day functions.

Hotel Housekeeping Function #10

To deal with lost and found property.

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