Housekeeping Duties and responsibilities

#Housekeeping staffs can be divided into 3 categories as per their Housekeeping Duties and responsibilities.

1. Managerial- Executive- #Housekeeper / Head house-keeper

2. Supervisory- Assistant house-keeper, floor supervisor, linen room supervisor, public area supervisor and so on

3. Unskilled- Room attendants, house-person etc.

Housekeeping Duties and responsibilities. 2a) Executive

Housekeeper / Director of housekeeping- The executive house-keeper reports to the general manager or residential manager or rooms division manager. The concern person is responsible or accountable for the total cleanliness and aesthetic upkeep of the hotel. The concern person has full right to hire, discharge, his subordinates inform the new employee about the property, plan and assign work among his team and so on. His duties and responsibilities are as follows Organize, supervise, and co-ordinate the work of housekeeping personnel on a day to day basis as well as assigning housekeeping duties and responsibilities.


  • Ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation safety comfort for the hotel guest.
  • Provide budget to the management and undertake budget control and forecasting.
  • Check the reports files and registers maintains.
  • Evaluate employee in order to upgrade them when opening arise.
  • Establish and maintain the standard operating procedure for cleaning .
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b) Deputy House-keeper- The deputy house-keeper reports to the executive house-keeper or to the director of

housekeeping. His / Her housekeeping duties and responsibilities are as follows

  • Check and ensure that all the public areas are cleaned regularly.
  • Inspect the work of all the contracts like pest control, florist, off premises laundry and so on.
  • Prepare staff schedule and duty rotas
  • Ensure periodical stock – taking and maintaining of stock records for linen uniforms and equipments.
  • Provide the necessary information the executive house-keeper regarding in preparation of budget.

c) Floor supervisor- The floor supervisor generally reports to the assistant house-keeper or Executive house-keeper.

Floor supervisor have the final responsibility for the condition of guest rooms. Each floor supervisor assign three or more floors at a time. His / Her housekeeping duties and responsibilities are as follows

  • Total responsible for the up-keepment of guest floors.
  • Issue floor keys to the room attendants.
  • Supervise spring cleaning
  • Reports her maintenance work on her floor
  • Co-ordinate with room service for cleaning.
  • Preparing of housekeeping status report.
  • Maintaining of per stock of each floor.

5) Public area supervisor- The public area supervisor reports to the assistant house-keeper. Public areas are the front of the house areas such as entrance lobby , guest corridor, etc. The housekeeping duties and responsibilities of public area supervisor are as follows,

  • Ensure all that all the public areas and other functional areas are spotless and cleaned.
  • Ensure of special cleaning of public areas
  • Ensure that flower arrangements are placed in appropriate place in the public areas.
  • Ensure that banquet hall conference hall are kept ready for the functions and conferences.

6) Evening shift supervisor- Evening shift supervisor are needed for the floor public areas and control rooms. They reports to assistant house-keeper. Their housekeeping duties and responsibilities are as follows

  • Checking of all the log entries and ensure they are followed up.
  • Ensure all the keys are deposited back before taking over of shifts
  • Ensure that all the turndown service are carried on in all the occupied rooms
  • Ensure public areas are kept cleaned.

7) Night supervisor- The night supervisor reports to the assistant house-keeper. He supervise all the staffs engaged in the cleaning of public area and guestroom of the hotel. The duties and responsibilities of night supervisor are as follows

  • Report any safety and security hazards.
  • Organize special cleaning of rooms and public areas.
  • Help with the training of the staff
  • Preparing of final room report.
  • Clear departure rooms and ensure to the front office if necessary.
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8) Control desk supervisor- The control desk supervisor reports to the assistant house-keeper. The control desk is the nerve center of housekeeping department. The desk is manned 24 hours a day Since control desk is the hub of information in housekeeping the control desk supervisor is the critical person in housekeeping operation. Housekeeping duties and responsibilities of control desk are as follows

  • coordinates with front office for the information of departure room and realizing of rooms.
  • Co-ordinates with other departments for the smooth functioning efficiency.
  • Up keepment of various registers maintain in housekeeping.
  • Attain to all calls that are reachieved in the department.
  • Receive complains on maintenance and housekeeping.

9) Linen room supervisor- The linen room supervisor reports to the assistant house-keeper. The concern person is totally responsible for the upkeepment of linen. His housekeeping duties and responsibilities are as follows

  • Be responsible for the hotel linen.
  • Send dirty linens to the laundry after checking it;
  • Maintains of various linen registers and make frequent inventories of linens.
  • Ensure having tight control over linens and make sure that a single piece has not been misused.
  • Supervise the work of linen attendant and tailor.
  • Make suggestion relating to the replacement and purchase.

10) Guest room attendant- They reports to floor supervisor or night supervisor. Their housekeeping duties and responsibilities are as follows

  • Clean and tidy rooms as per sanitary regulations assigned
  • Change guest room and bathroom linens
  • Replenish guest supplies.
  • Responsible for the total cleaning of rooms
  • replenish the maids cart with guest supplies cleaning agents etc.

11) House-person- The house-person reports to the public area supervisor. The house-persons job involves heavy physical work as assigned such as carpet cleaning ,window cleaning, carrying heavy pieces of furniture, washing of  public area garbage and so on. His housekeeping duties and responsibilities are as follows

  • Total upkeepment of public areas
  • Through cleaning of public area toilet time to time.
  • Clean out the garbage
  • Polishing of all the brass.ware.
  • Clean and check fire fighting equipments.

12.) Gardener- The gardener is required to maintain the land scape areas and the gardens of the hotels. His  housekeeping duties and responsibilities are as follows

  • Maintain the lawn and landscape of hotel.
  • Take care of all the seasonal planting.
  • Take care of all the indoor plants of hotel.
  • Oversee the upkeep of plant nursery and green house.
  • Supply with fresh flowers to hotel from time to time.
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