Pest control in hotels

Hotel Pest control 1Pest cause the enormous amount of damage and cause a huge loss to the food business. Often cause serious food poisoning . As a housekeeping staff one must be very much vigilant in controlling of pest by applying of medicines. Pest control is a compulsory activity for hotels, restaurants and any sector of hospitality industry. Here in this article we will discuss about various kind of pests and insects and few common methods of controlling pests in hotels.

Eradication of pest

1. Basically a cleaned well ventilated environment cut down the possibilities of pest.

2. Since most hotels are airconditioned it is not necessary to open the windows that cut down the entry of insects.

3. Mosquitoes ants can be killed by spraying insecticides. This can be done when guest is not in the room and well before the service of bar and restaurant.

4. For mosquitoes and insects which are dangerous and spread malaria. The small electric machine thats heat up when some liquid or tablet are put on it. It gives off the vapor that kills the pest.

5. Silver fishes are wingless insects of silver color they usually appear in cupboard storage areas. Proper and regular cleaning eradicates pest.

Role of housekeeping in pest control

1. The important factor affecting the development of pest is the availability of suitable finding undisturbed condition.

2. Other factors like temperature humidity also involved. Thus to maintain environment is vital.

3. The main aim is to remove the spillage , food residue on which they feed or breed.

4. As some insects complete the life cycle very quickly it is important that the pest control should be done frequently.

5. Regular attention should be given to the drains as they are the major source of entrance of rat.

6. Professional pest control agencies should be hired if the infestation is serious.

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