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WHAT IS HOTEL MARKETING ? – Philip Kotler defines marketing as ‘satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process’. Marketing is getting the right goods and services to the right people at the right places at the right time at the right price with the right communications and promotion.” It is the art of creating and satisfying customers at a profit.


Hotel marketing is unique because it deals with the tangible product, like a bed in the hotel room or food in the

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restaurant, but it also deals with the intangible aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry. It is about the experience in a trip and social status it brings eating in a fine-dining restaurant. Hotel marketing is very critical in the success of any hospitality and tourism product, organization and tourist destination.

Proper marketing effort promotes a product or service that fills the needs and wants of the consumers and at the same time, bring profits to the organization or country that features it.

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  • Customers’ needs/ wants/ demands – the focus of the hotel marketing concept is to satisfy customers’ needs, wants, and demands
  • Profitability – companies aim to generate profits by satisfying their customers’ demands better than their competitors
  • Integrated hotel marketing – hotel marketing is a concerted effort from all personnel within a company.

The focus of the hotel marketing concept is to satisfy customers’ demands, and these demands can be in the form of physical products and/or services. It is common for people to refer to products as objects, devices or things and services as actions, performances or experiences. Hotel Marketing was initially developed in connection with the physical products, but with the growing interest in consumers for services today, selling services have become an increasingly important component of the marketing concept. Though the core outputs for many hospitality organizations are primarily performances or experiences (i.e. services), it does not mean that absolutely no tangible elements are tied to the process. For instance, the food and beverages will be considered the tangible element, a guest experiences when dining out in a restaurant.

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Service Characteristic

What it Means

Hospitality Example

Intangibility ·Services cannot be conceptualized or perceived by the senses before purchase ·Guests will have no way to evaluate their meals at a restaurant until they have experienced the food and service
Inseparability ·Providers are part of the service experience because providers and customers must be present at the same time for the transaction to occur.

. Guests themselves may be part of the service experience because of their greater involvement in the process.

. The presence of other guests may become part of the service experience.

. The attitude of a front desk agent will influence guest’s ratings on their overall experience with the hotel.

. Guests who use automated check-in and check-out services provided by hotels must understand the system in order to have a satisfactory experience.

. The presence of loud guests in a restaurant will influence the experiences of the other guests.

Variability . Quality of services is likely to vary (lack of consistency) because of the provider, location, timing, etc. . Service quality in a restaurant during peak and non-peak demand periods may vary.

. Service quality provided by Hotel X in Delhi and Mumbai may vary.

Perishability . Services are not durable and only last for a short while; they cannot be stocked as inventory for future sales or use. . Hotel rooms that are not sold today cannot be saved for tomorrow (i.e. lost revenues for today cannot be recovered tomorrow)

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