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Hotel Linen in house-keeping department is the second large expense. Hotel Linen is expensive to replace, and if it is well maintained, correctly laundered, and properly stored its life can be extended. Soiled, worn or creased linen leave a bad impression of the cleaning standard of the hotel. Efficient Hotel linen and laundry management   ensure that the large volume of soiled linens are washed, and treated so as to look, neat smell fresh, and feel crisp that they are disbursed at the right time at right place.

about hotel linen and uniform

Hotel Linen room can be classified into two main division

  • Centralized Hotel linen room- In this system linen from all floors are collected and sorted in one central area. The linen room supervisor has a complete control over the linen room . All linens issued and receipts go out from here.
  • Decentralized Hotel linen room- In this system all the floor individually maintains its own per stock of line n, as and when necessary . These are replenished from the main line n room. The linens are kept in floor pantries and the floor supervisor are responsible for maintaining of lin en.

Planning of the ideal Hotel linen and uniform room

  1. Location- The hotel linens room must be such as to facilitate   the easy flow of linens to and from the laundry. In case of commercial laundry is being used the li nen room should be accessible from the receipt and dispatch   from the back entrance of the hotel.
  2. Space- The total space allocated for the li nen room will depend on the size of the hotel and activities to be carried out in the li nen room. The minimum space requirement for a lin en   room is minimum 6 sqft which may suffice for small hotel Space is required for li nen   storage area and linen exchange counter.
  3. Entrance A common entrance cum exit point is ideal for security reason.
  4. Floors and walls- The floors must be sturdy enough to bear the load of heavy trollies moving across it. Tiles should be avoided as they tend to chip. Walls should be of materials that can be easily cleaned frequently.
  5. Lighting and ventilation- Though most of the lin en room is meant for storage enough ventilation is important to prevent the growth mildew., even though the natural light is less.
  6. Storage- L inen storage shelves should be designed for maximum utilization of space. The shelves are also need to be sturdy and firmly fix as the weight they bear may be considerable.

Activities of linen room

The following are the activities of lin en room

  1. Collection of soil linens
  2. Counting and sorting of the soiled linens.
  3. Packing of the soiled linens for the laundry.
  4. Dispatch of soiled lines to the laundry
  5. Receipt of fresh li nen from the laundry.
  6. Checking and sorting of the fresh linens
  7. Storage of the fresh linens
  8. Distribution of fresh linens to the floor and others areas.
  9. Stoking of for l inen maintenance of records
  10. Stitching monogramming of all the hotel uniforms.
  11. Uniform selection
  12. Uniform storage and issue.

Purchasing of linen

There are three major factors to be considered   when purchasing of linens

  1. Quantity- The quantity of linen purchase is largely depend on the following factors
  2. Size of the establishment
  3. Turn over or occupancy
  4. Laundry facility


The best quality of linen must be selected within the available budget

  1. Size- Purchasing linen of correct size is important. as wrong size may affect the appearance and even hamper the operation.

Rules for purchasing linen-

  1. The linen should be purchase in bulk to avail discount
  2. Large orders should be marked or monogrammed by the supplier.
  3. The supplier should be selected on the   same level as the organization preferably with the reliable reference.
  4. A good rapport with the supplier is essential especially with the regards to credit facilities.
  5. Look for firm smooth weave and strong selvedges.

Hiring of linen

Hiring of linen is uncommon in India, but many hotels in order parts of the world do not purchase linen and prefer to hire laundered linen from hiring company. Linen hire companies supply clean linens to hotel on rental basis This system has both advantages and dis advantages.

Advantages of linen

  1. Initial purchase investment is eliminated.
  2. No laundering of the linen is necessary.
  3. Less storage place
  4. Less staff which means fewer salary to pay.
  5. No repairing of linen by the hotel.


  1. No individuality
  2. Choice is limited.
  3. No cut down or make over possible
  4. Damage has to paid for usually at higher rate.
  5. There is no control over the quality of wash.

Par stock

Par stock is the minimum level of supplies required to meet daily demand to ensure smooth operation.

Importance of par stock

  1. To make correct and efficient investment of capital.
  2. To prevent over stocking
  3. To make the optimum use of space.
  4. To ensure proper supply at all time.
  5. To help in effective budgeting.

Linen exchange procedure

Room linen

  1. Soiled room lines are send directly from the floor or via linen room.
  2. Physically count each soiled items on the floor, and enter the figure into the room linen control sheet.
  3. Send the 2nd copy and 3RD copy of the linen sheet with the floor houseman along with the hamper of soil linen to the laundry or linen room.
  4. alternatively the floor supervisor will send the linen through a linen chute which lands at the laundry floor
  5. The laundry or linen supervisor where applicable recounts the soil linen in the presence of the floor representative, and verifies the quantities in the room linen control sheet. The concerned supervisor then stamped ” received” after the tally and returns the 2nd copy . While the 3rd copy will retained with her..
  6. The linen supervisor issues fresh linens on a one to one basis .

Restaurant linen

  1. Check the soil linens that received for damages.
  2. Count every item and tally with food and Beverages linen exchange foam.
  3. Enter the figure into the linen exchange register for food and beverage out let.
  4. Issue the same number of linens on one to one basis , and enter the figure in the linen exchange register.
  5. Forward the soil linen to the laundry for washing after physically counting each item in front of the laundry supervisor.
  6. Tally fresh restaurant linen from the laundry against the linen exchange register.
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Discard linen

An important part in the linen keeping is the use of discard linen. Discard linens are ones that cannot be used in the operation any more. Discard occurs due to the irretrievable stains, tears , discoloration etc. The discard linens may be use in the following ways

  1. As cleaning clothes .
  2. For covering furniture.
  3. To wrap carpets kept in the storage.
  4. To store long stored uniform.
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New employees are issued uniform authorized   by the personal department. Employees are measured for size, and given standard uniforms like dungarees stewarding trousers. etc. or tailor made for specific style. . Once issued the employee keeps his uniform in the locker room, provided . , by the hotel separately for men and women.

Uniform exchange procedure

  1. Ensure that the staff has arrived in stipulated time.
  2. Check the uniforms for damages.
  3. Issue fresh uniform for one to one basis ensuring that the uniform are of correct size.
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