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Competencies of housekeeping staffs

competencies of a hotel housekeeping staff 1Competencies are a set of behavioral traits and technical abilities that are suitable for a hotel housekeeping job. While new technical abilities are covered extensively in the session of introduction titled “The new hotel housekeeping professional” we shall look at behavioral set required. Hence some competencies are given below.

1. Smile- A smile get a smile responds. It immediately breaks down the barrier of anxiety, ill relation between 2 people. Keeping smile while speaking on a telephone is a powerful way to convey tone and intention of guest and colleagues who judge the caller by voice. We must not forget that hotel housekeeping personal are in direct contact with the guest in the guest room, floor and public area. It’s the most important Competencies of a hotel housekeeping staff.

2. Grooming– Grooming is an important feature of hotel professional. The room attendant , floor supervisor, houseman, public area personal have face to face contact with the guest He therefore carries himself the image of the property. A well groomed hotel housekeeping member represents qualities of hygiene professionalism management style etc. This is one of the must competencies of a hotel housekeeping staff.

3. Basic Etiquette-The hotel business is a social business all front line / line personnel are required to have the ability to communicate effectively with certain manners and etiquette’s associated to good host.

a) Smile and attend the guest as soon as they approach to them. Acknowledge their presence by wishing them the time of day.

b) Recognize guest- Recognition is the powerful tool to use for regular guest. The use of the name give their importance feeling of belongings.

c) Stand straight all the time

d) Be polite to all the guest by frequently using the terms “Thank you”, “Please” etc

e) Talk softly to the guest

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4) Orderliness – Guest evaluate a property by how orderly the hotel personals are. They observe weather the maids cart are cleaned or not, corridors must be kept free from litter

a) Keep all the linens and supplies in the maids cart in the orderly manner.

b) Ensure that flower displays in a room or in foyer are fresh and properly arranged

c) Garbage hampers are essentials features of maids cart. All the garbage should be disposes off properly.

5. Team work- One of the most important Competencies of a hotel housekeeping staffs starts with Team Work. Teams have become the cornerstones of service operation. A poor team performance can severely damage the establishment reputation, while the superior team performance directly enhance it. Team work is one of the essential competencies at the time of recruitment. Results are responsibility of the entire team and none of the team leader is alone.

A team is a small group of people who really work on each other in order to achieve common goal.

6. Self Discipline- Discipline is the hall mark of a good hotel housekeeping professional. Here are some tips for the hotel housekeeping personals following which competencies of a hotel housekeeping staff can be easily maintained.

a) Update continuously with the rule and regulations

b) Be an example to others

c) Amend mistakes immediately

7. Physical fitness- A hotel housekeeping personal must be physically fit to manage the rigorous hours on his or her feet.

If a person is physically fit he can do the work without any obstacles.

8. Eye for detail- House-keeper world wide known for their eye for detail. This term means that a person have a sharp eye to detect things that are not quite right.

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