What is Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve and process data. It takes input and carry out a set of different types of operations, specially set of logical and arithmetical operations and gives output in the desired format.

Applications of computer

  1. Education :
  2. Health and Medicine :
  3. Science :
  4. Business :
  5. Recreation and Entertainment:
  6. Government:
  7. Defense:
  8. Recording Information
  9. Scoreboard
  10. Safety

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Usages of computer in Hospitality industry

Use of Computer in Hotel Industry1) Computers are used extensively by lodging managers and their assistants to keep track of guests’ bills, reservations, room assignments, meetings, and special events. In addition, computers are used to order food, beverages, and supplies, as well as to prepare reports for hotel owners and top-level managers. Many hotels also provide extensive information technology services for their guests. Managers work with computer specialists and other information technology specialists to ensure that the hotel’s computer systems, Internet, and communications networks function properly.

2) There are many different uses for computers in hotels. The first would be at the front desk. These computers have an intricate soft ware called the Property Managemen System (PMS) to do all the check ins, guest accounting, and etc. The most famous being Opera or Sabre. Second in the restaurant, lounge, or bar is a new computer entirely called a Point of Sale System (POS). This will collaborate with a PMS to bill guests for a meal and etc, but can also be used as a cash register. Third is the computer in the sales office, which software is most likely DelPhi which is a booking terminal.

Nowadays hotel without a computer is like a bank without a vault. Each automated hotel has its own PMS like, IDS, CLS, HMS, Fidelio etc. These PMS are used by the each departments from beginning till end of a guest cycle. The PMS is also used to prepare different reports, maintaining guest’s a/c , keeping records, F.O., Back Office, point of sale, door locking, H.K., Optimization, Pay-TV, energy management, payment card authorization and channel management systems. Each hotel personnel has their own log in ID to open their respective PMS window. The PMS may interface with central reservation system(CRS) and revenue or yield management system.

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