Fiber and Fabrics – Used in Hotel

From the ancient times to just century ago, all the fiber used in making fabrics which are obtained from natural sources mostly plants. Now a days many man made fiber are obtained.

Fibers are classified into two classified into two categories

  1. Natural fiber- Natural fibers are obtained from nature. They are classified into three categories namely vegetable, animal and mineral fibers.

Vegetable fibers are found in the cell walls of the plants.

Animal fibers are derived from the insects and sheep

Mineral fibers are obtained from certain types of rock.

Cotton- Today cotton has emerged the most important textile fibers in the world. The cotton fiber is the shortest of all the textile fibers.

Advantages of cotton

  1. Cotton is easily dry cleaned.

    Fiber and Fabrics used in hotel

  2. Cotton is durable since the fib er is strong.
  3. We feel comfort during summer by wearing cotton dress.
  4. Cotton is good conductor of heat.

Disadvantage of cotton

  1. Cotton is flammable
  2. Damp cotton may be affected by mildews
  3. Cotton fabrics take long time to dry rather than synthetic fabrics.
  4. Cotton weakens and turns yellow after repeated expose to sunlight

Wool- This fiber is obtained from the fleece of the sheep The fiber is not smooth in nature.

Advantaged of wool

  1. Wool does not soil easily.
  2. Wide ranges of color available.
  3. Wool can be laundered and dry cleaned
  4. Wool has excellent absorbency power which makes the garments to wear in winter.

Silk- Silk is produced by silk worm as they spin their cocoons. The finest quality of raw silk comes from the cocoons of Bombay Mouri a type of silk worm.

Advantages of silk

  1. Silk is the strongest of all natural fibers.

    Fiber and Fabrics used in hotel industry

  2. Silk has the natural shrink resistance
  3. Silk does not soil easily as the fibers are smooth
  4. Silk is having natural feel


  1. Silk is weakened by sunlight.
  2. Silk is very expensive
  3. Silk becomes yellow with the age.
  4. Silk fibers are become weaker when wet.

Man made fiber- These fibers are synthetic in nature.

Advantages of man made fibers

  1. It wash and wears fabrics
  2. It can be laundered or dry cleaned easily.
  3. Synthetic fibers are the good resistance of sunlight
  4. Synthetic fibers are moth and mildew resistant


  1. At very high temperature the fibers can melt.
  2. Synthetic fibers are low absorbency.
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