Color for Hotel Industry -Dimension, Types & Symbolic meaning

Color is the element of art. It plays an important role in decoration as well as in our life. Colors are used for various purpose in our life. It has a different meaning and when used in different combination. It can change the mood of decoration which can change the mood of person in the room

Colors are the part of light we see. When sunlight is passed through a prism the visible white light is separated into seven colors of a rainbow known as VIBGYOR


traditional color wheel







Dimension of colours

  1. Hue- I t is the synonym of color
  2. Chroma- It is the brightness and darkness of color
  3. Value- It is the lightness or darkness of color. Lightest value is white and darkest value is black.

Types of colour

Colors can be divided into three types. They are as follows

  1. Primary colors- These are the basic colors which obtains from the nature. They are often known as fundamental colors. They are Red , Blue, and yellow.
  2. Secondary colors- These colors are produced by mixing of two primary color in equal proportion.
  3. Red+ Yellow= Orange
  4. Yellow + Blue= Green
  5. Blue+ Red= Violet
  6. Tertiary color- These colors are produced by mixing of a primary color with a secondary color.
  7. Red+ Orange= Red Orange
  8. Yellow+ Orange= yellow Orange
  9. Blue+ green= Blue green.
  10. Yellow + green= Yellow green
  11. Blue+ violet= Blue violet
  12. Red+ violet= Red violet

Colour wheel

The total number of colors in the interior decoration is considered 12 in numbers. They are as follows

  1. Red
  2. Red orange
  3. Orange
  4. yellow- orange
  5. Yellow
  6. Yellow-green
  7. Green
  8. Blue- green
  9. Blue
  10. Blue violet
  11. Violet
  12. Red violet

Warm colors and cool colors

One of the most important factors of colors to be considered in interior decoration is their relative warmth or coolness.

Colors that considered as the greater proportion of yellow and red are considered as warm colors., those that contains blue are regarded as cool. Red and Orange are the warmest of all colors., Blue is the cooles of colors.

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Symbolic meaning of various colours

  1. White- Innocence, purity, cleanliness, peace, surrender
  2. Black-   Death, darkness, protest, wisdom mystery.
  3. Red- Danger, love, life, war
  4. Blue- coolness depth, distance, calmness happiness rest
  5. Green – Ill health, envy , jealousy
  6. Purple- Royalty, dignity
  7. Grey- Sadness , sincere, modest
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