Mutton Rogan Josh

A fine delicacy form Kashmir which derives its name from red Kashmiri Chillies and literally means Red lamb. Mutton Rogan Josh is a delicious mutton curry and it is perhaps the most famous of all Kashmiri dishes. This
Kashmiri lamb curry, spiced with Kashmiri red chilli, cardamom, cinnamon and  slow cooked in cashewnut paste and tomato puree.

RECIPE TYPE : Main Course
CUISINE : Indian
PREP TIME : 40 mins
TOTAL TIME : 45 mins
SERVES : 2-3

INGREDIENTS for making Mutton Rogan Josh:

  1. Leg of Mutton (Raan)-500 Gm
  2. Tomato-115gm
  3. Coriander Powder-10gm
  4. Oil-30ml
  5. Kashmiri Chilly Powder-15 Gm
  6. Ginger-10gm
  7. Nutmeg Powder-A Pinch
  8. Saffron-A Pinch
  9. Cumin Seeds-A Pinch
  10. Mace Powder-A Pinch
  11. Garlic -A Flakes
  12. Onion-115gm
  13. Ratan Jog-2gm
  14. Salt-To Taste
  15. Yakhni(Indian Stock)-200ml
  16. Milk-60 Ml

INSTRUCTIONS / METHODS for making Mutton Rogan Josh:

1. Chop onions,grind ginger,cumin seeds & garlic
2. Heat fat,add onion & ground spices fry well.
3. Add chopped tomatoes & mutton pieces cook well.
4. Dilute saffron with milk, put it half to the mixture
5. Add stock,nutmeg,mace,salt & ratan jog
6. Cook till the meat is tender,correct the seasoning
7. Add rest of the diluted saffron.

Learn more with Sanjeev Kapoor exclusive recipe on Mutton Rogan Josh .

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