Minestrone is a thick soup of Italian origin made with vegetables, often with the addition of pasta or rice. Here in this article we will discuss all about how to make Minestrone, ingredients used in making Minestrone, and methods of preparing Minestrone step by step.

BNG Standard Recipe No: 2016
RECIPE TYPE : Main Course
CUISINE : Italian
PREP TIME :  35 mins
TOTAL TIME :  40 mins
SERVES :  2-3

INGREDIENTS for Minestrone:

Mixed vegetables: 300 gm
Butter: 50gm
Stock (white): 750ml
Seasoning: to taste
Bouquet garni: 1
French beans: 25gm
Macaroni: 25gm
Potato: 50gm
Tomato puree: 1tbsp
Bacon fat: 50gm
Chopped parsley: 1tsp
Chopped garlic: 2cloves
Parmesan cheese: garnish


1. Sweat paysenne of vegetables
2. Add stock,bouquet garni ,seasoning & simmer for 20 min.
3. Add beans ,macaroni ,potatoes ,tomato puree ,tomato concasse and simmer till the vegetables are cooked.
4. Mean while finely chop bacon fat ,add parsley ,and garlic farm into the shape of pea.
5. Drop the mixture into the soup,remove bouquet garni,correct seasoning
6. Serve with grated permasan cheese.

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These days a lot of the quality recipes we all set up were getting back together. Should you seem by way of the racks even though you’ll to uncover quite a few old family recipes, and also tested recipes BNG provides above 10 years drawn from cookbooks, mags, and newspapers clippings. If we have ripped a recipe via a different resource, many of us make an effort to capability which supplier where we could (frequently it’s tough whenever you handiest possess a clipping. )

Your dishes found the following work with typically overall dinners materials and only from time to time just a few issues by cans or maybe organized meals. Most of us think inside a varied, wholesome weight-reduction strategy, employing genuine butter, true treatment, offspring, an abundance of eco-friendly greens, and healthy proteins via animal meat, species of fish, coffee beans, and cheese.

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