Industrial Catering Jobs

Origin of Industrial Catering : After the Industrial Revolution  it was felt by organizations to provide some facilities to their employees. Hence the organizations started providing Breakfast, Lunch ,Evening snacks and Dinner to their Employees at subsidized rates.

Menu of Industrial Caterings:
In industrial catering usually Rotational Menu is used, which means in a week (7 days), employees are provided with different food items.

Objective of Industrial Catering:
This food is not only Healthy & Hygienic but also contains nutritional value, since healthy staff is an asset to the organization, so that he/she can bear the rigors of physical & mental hard work, without  it nobody can achieve success in life

Industrial Catering Jobs are now a days getting more popular among recently passed out hotel management students. At BNG Hotel Management Kolkata we also help our students to join in various sectors of industrial catering units in India and abroad. Good pay packages, earn while traveling and various other good benefits makes this job more interesting. There are even chances to join Govt Sectors as well.

Various Types of industrial catering

  • Profit oriented type – various commercial canteens, restaurants, cafe within the premises catering to all the people like students, staff, and visitors.
  • Break-even – various industrial canteens, college canteens catering to staff as per requirements only.
  • Subsidized – these are serving meals as a part of employee or student welfare schemes.
  • Mostly Institutional and industrial caterings are nonprofit oriented.

Menu Considerations

  • Cyclic menu for daily meals and provided limited choice in canteens.
  • While planning menu Nutritional requirements are always kept in mind
  • Reasonable prices consistent with service offered.
  • Structured menus are relatively simple, which can be prepared by small no or limited kitchen staff within limited time.
  • Sometimes special menus are prepared for special occasion like on festivals, functions and parties.


  • Menu fatigue
  • Blending nutritional aspect with taste is not always possible. Like porridge is a healthy food but most of the people do not like it.
  • Portion controlling.
  • People eat in varied proportions, for example men eat more than women, people doing physical labour eat more than those doing office work.
  • Staff serving food finds it difficult to meet the expectations of consumers. Like everyone cannot be given a leg piece of chicken.
  • Also a large number people are to served within a limited time.
  • Arranging adequate facilities and managing them is a very challenging task, like space of dinning hall, seating arrangements, food and water service.
  • Chef has to work within the tight budgets and always has to meet the high expectations of consumers.

Few of the companies where BNG Hotel Management Kolkata students are working withing industrial catering sector are.

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