Hotel Guest Room Cleaning

Lets learn step by step Hotel Guest Room Cleaning following standard procedure.



  1. During Hotel Guest Room Cleaning always knock the door announcing Housekeeping.
  2. If there is no answer, after 15 seconds knock the door again the second time announcing Housekeeping.
  3. If there is still no answer, use the master key to open the door announcing Housekeeping and enter the room while knocking.

DEPARTURE Guest Room Cleaning and BATHROOM

When a guest releases a room and leaves the hotel that particular room is known as ‘departure room or check-out room.’ The housekeeping department has to clean the room, get the room ready so that the hotel can sell that particular room to some other guest also.

The following are the steps how to clean a departure room for guest room cleaning;

  1. Switch off the room air- conditioner or heating. Remove all the curtains and open the windows for airing the room
  2. Remove soiled linens from bed and bath. Shake out the linen to ensure that guest articles are lost in the folds of the linens.
  3. Check for maintenance requirements and report the same to the control desk and enter in the room checklist.
  4. Contact room service to remove extra trays and glasses.
  5. Turn the mattress side –to side on succeeding days followed by end –to end turning. Smooth out the mattress and air it.
  6. Clean the carpet with the help of vacuum cleaner or carpet brush.
  7. Empty all the ashtrays and waste paper baskets.
  8. Clean the bathroom and replenish all the required supplies is also a part of guest room cleaning.
  9. Collect all the old news paper and magazines which the guest has left over and keep in chamber maid’s trolley.
  10. Use stiff upholstery brush or vacuum cleaner on upholstered furniture arms backs and seats.
  11. Replace all the stationery as prescribed by the management. The number of items must exactly be as per standard.
  12. Dust and replace each item on the dresser and desk. Special attention must be given to the display of publicity materials as prescribed by the management.
  13. Clean lamp shades with a clean duster. Lift lamp and clean under the base.. Replace lamp if damaged and adjust the shade.
  14. Disinfect the telephone in the room and bathroom with the Dettol Wipe balance of the telephone with a damp cloth. Then check for dial tone.
  15. Clean mirrors with a dry cloth first then with a damp news paper, to make it sparkling.
  16. Dust all the closet, shelves hangers and rods. Brush the closet floor. Supply new laundry bags and replace the missing hangers
  17. Dust both sides of the room doors, head boards, window sills inside and outside the window rails air conditioning unit.
  18. Close all the windows.
  19. Change the bed linens and bath linens.
  20. Arrange the furniture if necessary.
  21. Have a final look at the room.
  22. Inform the desk control the room is ready and guest room cleaning is done.
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