Special cutlery Setup Styles for main courses

If there is special cutlery setup for the main course, the basic a la carte setting will be removed.

Special course Cutlery Setup :      Other
Fish Cutlery Setup :

Fish fork

Fish knife


When serving whole fish, set a small plate for fish bones

Finger bowl

Lobster or Crayfish


Cutlery Setup :

Lobster fork

Lobster Cracker

Appetizer Fork

Appetizer Knife

Toast and butter

Finger bowl

Small plate for shells


Meat fondue


Cutlery Setup :

Fondue fork

Main course fork

Main course knife

Cheese fondue


Cutlery Setup :

Fondue fork


Bread cut in cubes

Sauces and accompaniments

Sauces, condiments and accompaniments

Salt and Pepper

Check and refill everyday.
Check that the holes are not obstructed.

Sugar Bowl

Clean and fill every day.
Check that the sugar doesn’t stick to the bowl or has become lumpy.

Mustard Bowl

Clean every day. Take the mustard out of the pot, clean the pot properly, refill with mustard. This is done to prevent a black edge on the pot.
Two drops of oil can be added on the top to prevent oxidation if not used.

Liquid Condiments

Worcester, ketchup, Tabasco and Soya sauces have to be filled up before service, and the stopper and the neck of the bottle cleaned.

Vinegar and Oil Bottles

Must be kept full all the time. Clean the outside of the bottles.
If the contents are not clear any more, empty the bottle, wash it out, just with water, no soap and refill it.

Parmesan Cheese

The cheese must look loose and appetizing and must be filled up all the time.
The same procedure has to be done with jam-and honey pots.

Tooth Pick Holder

Has to be filled up all the time with best quality hygienically packed tooth picks.

Bread Baskets

Check for cleanliness. Not applicable to the Dara Serene Restaurants

Accompaniments (as part of the Cutlery Setup)

Every basic table set-up needs salt and pepper, which will be removed before serving desserts.
Just as we have to extend the basic table set-up, sometimes we have to extend the condiments.
Here are some examples:

Course Accompaniments
Half grapefruit, melon, berries, fruit cakes, fresh fruit juices. Sugar
Air-dried beef, raw ham, smoked meat, salmon, pizza, cheese cake, cheese fondue, onion cake, green and mixed salads.

Tomato juice

Pepper mill

Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, Pepper mill, celery stick, salt

Oysters Tabasco, pepper mill,

Worcestershire sauce, shallots

vinegar (or a half lemon)

Risotto, minestrone, pasta, farinaceous


Parmesan cheese
Grilled beef, when it is not served with herb


Mustard, Worcestershire sauce
Hamburgers Ketchup
Sausages Mustard
Curry dishes


Mango chutney, Sambal Olek, Soya


Cheese Mustard, Cumin

Cutlery Setup: A well prepared table, spotless clean chinaware and silverware, good preparation of salt, pepper and other condiments make a good impression to the customers and enables us to concentrate on our main duties which is fulfilling the wishes of our guests.

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