Shubho Nabo Barsho !!

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Nabo Barsho in Bengal marks the first day of Baisakh – the first month of Bengali Calendar. The competition as a rule falls on the 13th or 14th day of April in line with English Calendar 12 months. Nabo Barsho festival is known as Poila Baisakh in Bangladesh and is well known as a country wide vacation.

Hindus for the duration of Bengal celebrate the year-finish or ‘Chaitra Sankranti’ with some interesting gala’s and festivals like Gajan and Charak. Natural Charak Mela, which involves some really savage non secular acrobatics, is held across small and colossal towns in West Bengal, culminating in Latu Babu-Chhatu Babur Bazar in North Kolkata on the last day of the 12 months, and the day after at Konnagar, venue of Bengal’s only ‘Basi Charaker Mela’.

There’s a subtle change between the way in which Bangladesh and West Bengal ring within the New year. Although Poila Baisakh may be very a lot a part of the Hindu calendar, Nabo Barsho is a countrywide pageant for the Islamic State of Bangladesh, and a surprisingly larger exuberance marks the festivities in this part of Bengal. At the same time it is Poila Boishakh in West Bengal, it’s ‘Pahela Baisakh’ in Bangladesh. It can be a public excursion in Kolkata, but in Dhaka, even newspaper places of work stay closed for the Bengali New year.

Cheerful and culturally wealthy folks of West Bengal celebrate Nabo Barsho by means of dutifully performing set customs and traditions. To welcome the new 12 months, men and women smooth and adorn their residences. An extraordinarily most important lifestyle of Nabo Barsho is the making of complicated rangolis or alpanas in entrance of the apartment with the aid of womenfolk. Rangolis are prepared with flour and its middle is decorated with earthenware pot adorned with auspicious swastika. This pot is filled with holy water and mango leaves to symbolize a prosperous year for the loved ones. On Nabo Barsho , individuals of West Bengal propitiate Goddess Lakshmi – the Hindu mythological Goddess of Wealth to hope for prosperity and wellbeing. Many devotees also take a dip in a nearby river to mark the celebration.

For Bengalis, Nabo Barsho is the establishing of all business movements. Businessmen and merchants purchase new accounting books and begin new account often called Haalkhata. Humans also worship Lord Ganesha through chanting mantras.

One thing that is common to either side of the border is ushering within the New 12 months with Rabindra Sangeet or Tagore’s musical invocation Esho howdy Baisakh Esho Esho (Come Baisakh, Come O Come!), or the fairly vague composition Aaj Ranashaje Bajiye Bishan Esheche Esheche Baisakh.

Dhaka denizens  early at dawn with public celebrations of Poila Baisakh at the Ramna Maidan. Most Kolkatans decide upon to have a good time it beneath the cultural masquerade of song and dance. Kolkata’s movie town Tollygunge celebrates the brand new year with the auspicious mahurat services of Bengali movies, a ordinary a part of Poila Baisakh at Tollywood, Bengal’s center of filmmaking. The city witnesses a few distinctive applications on the celebration, and the areas that attract most people are Nandan, the Calcutta town hall, New Market and the Maidan.

Don’t forget to desire your Bengali buddies “Shubho Nabo Barsho!” (comfortable New year!) on Poila Boishakh, mid-April every yr.

The Bengali penchant for gormandizing excellent food comes via excellent on Poila Baisakh. Family kitchens exude the aroma of freshly all set Bengali delicacies, peculiarly candy dishes, considering that it is inspiration to be a good omen to start the 12 months with mishtanna or ordinary sweets equivalent to Rosogollas, Payesh, Sandesh, Kalakand and Ras Malai. The brand new year cuisine for lunch, of path, includes more than a few preparations of fish and rice. People who choose to go out to eateries get to have some pure pleasantries for the palate, and other mouthwatering culinary dalliances.

For Bengali merchants and save house owners, Poila Baisakh is Haal Khata time – an auspicious day to ‘open’ the ledger. Ganesh and Lakshmi Puja are solemnized in nearly all shops and trade centers, and normal purchasers are formally invited to attend the evening social gathering. To patrons, it would possibly not perpetually be some thing to appear forward to, for Haal Khata additionally approach settling of all great dues of the preceding yr.

As the year draws to a close, Bengalis throng to the bookstore to ebook a replica of Panjika, the Bengali almanac. It can be a as an alternative fat yearlong handbook to support you in finding competition timings, favorable days, auspicious dates for some thing from wedding to housewarming, from beginning a trip to launching a trade and more. Panjika publishing is a enormous trade in Kolkata with Gupta Press, PM Bagchi, Benimadhab Seal and Rajendra Library vying with each and every other for his or her share of the Bangla Almanac pie.

Wishing you lots of good luck and cheer to you on this Shubho Nabo Barsho by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata
Wishing you lots of good luck and cheer to you on this Shubho Nabo Barsho by BNG Hotel Management Kolkata

Nabo Barsho celebrations are marked with pleasure, enthusiasm and hope. Songs, dance, games apart from reciting of poems are equipped in various materials of the West Bengal to mark the social gathering. Enthusiastic persons of Bengal also celebrate the eve of Nabo Barsho as Chaitra-Sankranti and bid farewell to the prior yr.

Early within the morning of Nabo Barsho, Bengalis take out processions often called Prabhat Pheries. To participate in Prabhat Pheris females clad themselves in normal Bengali sari (white sari wShubho Nabo Barsho from BNGith purple border) and vegetation in hair even as men wear dhoti kurta. The day is spent in feasting and taking part in cultural hobbies. People also consult with friends and dear ones to wish every other “Shubho Nabo Barsho !!”

The Panjika is available in several sizes – listing, full, 1/2 and pocket. Panjikas have come of age with innovative content material, like mobile numbers of hospitals, doctors and police stations, devout competition timings for men and women abroad – in Bangladesh, US and UK – all in neighborhood time, making them veritable sizzling cakes for the Bengali diaspora. Even though the English calendar has won priority over the Bengali Calendar through the years, just about all hobbies in rural Bengal takes place in step with the Bengali calendar. Baisakh also ushers within the establishing of the new agricultural season in Bengal.

Wishing you lots of good luck and cheer to you on this Shubho Nabo Barsho !!

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