Sauce – Recipe, Ingredients

Sauce is a flavour cooked usually thickens liquid used to season other food. It adds to richness, moisture, flavour, colour and brightness also. A sauce is a liquid which has thicken with–

sauce 1a

  1. Roux

  2. Starch

  3. Beurre manie

  4. Egg. Yolk

  5. Liaison

Beurre manie : Equal quantities of flour and butter (uncooked mixture ) used to thicken sauce and soup.

Roux : Equal quantities of flour and butter cooked till sandy texture.

There are three types of roux – white , blond , brown.

Liaison : Mixture of egg yolk , cream , lemon juice ( optional ) , used to thickened soup , sauces.

Importance of ingredients in full preparation:

  1. Enhance and flavour.
  2. Some sauces helps in digest e.g. Mint and apple sauce served with roast pork.
  3. It gives to nutritional value of the food, white sauce added to creaminess to the dry food.
  4. Serve as accompaniment, sometime gives a contrast taste to another good (Real mouth palatability). Example-
  5. Cranberry sauce with roast turkey.
  6. Sometime it gives the name of dish e.g. when the Madeira wine added in brown sauce, the name of the dish is called ‘Sauce Madeira’.
  7. Enhance nutritional value of the food or dish.
  8. Gives and contrast or balance and bland food e.g. Devil sauce served with eggs gives proper.


sauce classification 1 bng

sauce classification 2 bng

Preparation of Sauces and Derivatives

Bechamel/white sauc e (1 ltr.)

Sl. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Flour 90grm.
2 Butter 90grm.
3 Milk 1 ltr.
4 Onion, clove, bay leaf As per requirement


  • Melt the butter in a thick bottom pan.
  • Add flour and mixed it.
  • Cooked for a few minutes over a gentle heat without colouring (white roux).
  • Remove from the heat.
  • Gradually add the warm milk and stair still smooth.
  • Add the onion and clove, bay leaf.
  • Allow the simmer for 30 min.
  • Remove the onion and pass the since in conical strainer.

Derivative of white/Bechamel Sauce:



Name Ingredients Use
01 Morney 50gm cheese+1 egg yolk Mixed well in the boiling sau ce but unstaring. It necessary but do not recoil. Serve with different types of veg. fish preparation.

Exam.- Mixed veg with morney sauc e, veg-at-gratin fish morney.

02 Anchovy sauc e Add 1 tbs anchovy essence + 1 k lit white sau ce. Served with fried fish preparation. Exam.- Fish cut late serve with anchovy sauc e (accompaniment).
03 Onion sau ce 100gm fine chopped onion cooked without colour (saute) + Mixed with k white sauc e. Serve with roast preparation. Exam.- Roast mutton and egg.
04 Soubise Same as well as onion sauc e but passed through a conical strainer. Served with roast mutton.
05 Parsley sauce 1 tbs fine chopped fresh parsley + k lit of white sauc e. Serve with pork preparation and boiled fish. Exam.- Fish parsley.
06 Mustard sauce Diluted English mustard + white sauc e. Served with grilled herrings.

Veloute Sauce:

The another name of veloute is basic blond sauce. It is one kinds of mother sau ce and prepared from blond (light brown), roux and stock. Veloute gets its name from the types of stock used. Exam.- Fish veloute – fish stock and veloute sau ce. Chicken veloute Chicken stock and brown roux.

Veloute Sauce (1 ltr.)

Sl. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Flour 90-100grm.
2 Butter 90-100grm.
3 Stock (chicken, fish, veal) 1 ltr.
4 Mushroom (as per requirement) 25grm.


  • Melt the butter in a thin bottom pan,
  • Add the flour and mixed it.
  • Cooked to a sandy texture over gentle heat without colour or little bit of colour (bland roux).
  • Allow to cool.
  • Gradients add the boiling stock, stir until smooth and allow simmering approxe 1 hrs.
  • Pass through a conical strainer.

Derivative of Veloute Sauce:

Sl. No. Name Ingredients Use
01 Caper Sauce Veloute sau ce + melt from moton stock with the addition of 1 tbs of caper. Serve with boiled leg of moton.
02 Supreme Half lit of chicken veloute + 25gm mushroom + 60 ml cream + 1 egg yolk + Few drop of lemon juice. Served with boiled chicken and fish.
03 Aurora Supreme sauc e + 1 tbs tomato sauce or puree. Served with boiled chicken or poach egg.
04 Mushroom Supreme sau ce + 100gm well washed slice saute mushroom, after the strain supreme sauc e and finish with egg yolk and cream. Serve with boiled chicken and sweet bread.
05 Ivory Supreme sauc e + Meat glide and ivory colour. Serve with boiled chicken.

Espanola Sauce/ Brown Sauce:

Brown sauce is made from brown roux and brown stock or glaze of brown stock. It is one of most widely used basic or mother sauc e and demy-glaze is a derivative of brown stock and is widely used for the preparation of other brown-sauce derivative.

Espanola Sauce/ Brown Sauce (1 ltr.)

Sl. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Flour 70grm.
2 Butter 70grm.
3 Tomato Puree 30grm.
4 Brown Stock 1 % ltr.
5 Carrot 70grm.
6 Onion 70grm.
7 Garlic 70grm.
8 Ginger 20grm.
Flavouring Agent
9 Pursley, Bay leaf, Celery (Fine chopped) 3grm.


Put the butter in thick bottom pan.

  1. Add the flour and cooked to a light brown colour and stair.
  2. Cool and mixed it in the tomato puree.
  3. Gradually mixed the boiling stock and bring in the boil.
  4. Washed, peel and mirepoxing the vegetable.
  5. Lightly brown in a little fat in a frying pan (Roast the vegetable).
  6. Drain of the fat and add to the sau ce.
  7. Simmer gently for 3-4 hrs. And strain.

Recipe of demy-glaze (1 lit):

Sl. No. Ingredients Quantity
01 Brown sauce 1 lit
02 1st class brown sauce 1 lit

This is refined sauce and it is made it is made by simmering of 1 lit of brown stock and 1 lit of brown-sauce and reduced by a half, skim of all ingredients and they rise on the surface during the cooking and pass through a strainer, recoil and collect the seasoning.

Derivative of Brown Sauce:

Sl. No. Name Ingredients Use
01 Demy-glaze 50% of brown stock + 50% of brown sauce reduced Ya. Use for preparation of other sauces and stocks preparation.
02 Bordelaise Red wine + chopped chalets + colary + brown paper + demy- glaze. Served with fried stock and paltry preparation.
03 Robert Butter + onion + vinegar + demy-glaze + Eng.mustard + caster sugar. Serve with fried chopped pork (pork bauna).
04 Charcutiere Same as Robert sauce but adding 25gm. Slice or Julian of gherkins. Grilled pork or grilled pork chop.
05 Devil Chop salads + paper + white wine + vinegar + demy-glaze. Serve with grilled or fried fish and meat preparation.
06 Chasseur Butter + chop mushroom + chop salads + white wine + tomato sauce + demy- glaze. Serve with stacks preparation and poultry egg also.
07 Madeira Demy-glaze + Madeira wine. Small item or veal, beef, poultry, game and eggs. (starter course)

Tomato Sauce/Red Sauce:

It is a red kitchen sauce and some piquancy. It is served with lots with the pasta related dish. Ravi-oil or Spaghetti, eggs, fish and meat preparation and it is also used for increasing the colour of preparation.

Tomato /Red Sauce (1 ltr.)
Sl. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Flour 10grm.
2 Butter 100grm.
3 Tomato Puree 50grm.
4 Brown Stock 350ml.
5 Carrot 50grm.
6 Onion 50grm.
7 Garlic/ Clove Few no.
8 Bay Leaf 1- 2no.
9 Celery 25grm.
10 Spring thyme 1 branch
11 Small dice cut of bacon 10grm.
12 Salt and pepper To taste


  1. Melt the butter in a saute pan.
  2. Add the mire proxy veg. and bacon cude and saute.
  3. Mixed in the flour and cooked to a scanty texture and allow to lightly colouring (Blond roux).
  4. Mixed the tomato puree and cold it.
  5. Gradually add the boiling stock and simmer for 1 hour.
  6. Correct the seasoning and cold it.
  7. Pass through a conical strainer.

Derivative of tomato sauce:

SL. Name Ingredients Use
01 Barbeque Tomato sauce + Tomato Ketchup + vinegar + sugar. Serve with barbeque meal.
02 Portuguese Tomato sauce + white wine + Tomato concase + garlic. Serve with shell fish and meat preparation.
03 Italian Tomato sauce + demy- glaze + chop shallots + herbs + ham + mushroom. Serve with roasted liver and lamp preparation.
04 Provencal Tomato sauce + saute slice mushroom + garlic + tomato concase + sugar + fresh chop parsley. Serve with egg fish and various types of Hors D’oeuvre.
05 Bretonneau Tomato sauce + saute chop onion + white wine + strain + butter + fresh parsley chop. Serve with haricots.

Hollandaise /Hot Sauce:

It is warm, yellow and rich. It contains a high percentage of fat and egg yolk. The name of the technique is called ‘emulsion’ (means mixture of butter, lemon juice and egg yolk). It is served with grilled and baked related fish, veg. and eggs and it is also used as an accompaniment of continental veg.

Hollandaise /Hot Sauce (1ltr.)

Sl. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Egg yolk 2 no.
2 Butter 100grm.
3 Crush pepper corn 6 no.
4 Salt To taste
5 Vinegar/ lemon juice 1 tbs.


  • Melt butter in a pan and kept aside.
  • Placed curse paper corn and vinegar in a pan and reduced completely.
  • Add 1tbs cold water.
  • Mixed the egg yolk and whisk properly.
  • Placed to a gentle heat and whisk continuously till to a sabayon consistency (thick or sauce like consistency).
  • Then gradually add the melted butter until it is blended and forms a smooth sauce. Then add few drop of lemon juice.
  • Strain through a fine strainer and curette the seasoning.
  • Store at 300-370

Derivative of Hollandaise Sauce:

SL. No. Name Ingredients Use
01 Bearnaise Hollandaise sauce + chop shallots + chop Tarragona + chervils. Serve with grilled fish or grilled meat. Ex.- Steak preparation.
02 Maltaise Hollandaise sauce + grated orange rind (zest) + orange juice. Serve with hot veg. (Asparagus hot).
03 Nosiest Hollandaise sauce + nut brown + cooked butter. Serve with poached salmon.
04 Choron Bearnaise sauce + tomato sauce. Grilled or saute meat.
05 Foyot Bearnaise sauce + Meat glaze. Serve with saute meat.

Why the sauce is curden?

The curden Hollandaise is caused by the rapidly adding of butter or become of access heat which will cause the albumin in the egg yolk to harden shortly and separated from the liquid part.

How to rectify it?:

If the sauce is cur den, placed 1 tbs of boiling water in a clean pan and gradually add in the cur den of sauce. In this method is failure then take a clean pan and placed an egg yolk then add 1 dessert spoon of water and whisk highly over a gentle heat until slightly thicken.

Mayonnaise / Cold Sauce:

It is basic called and used as a salad dressing and as a accompaniment. It has a wide variety of use, particularly in horsed oeuvre and salad purpose. It is rich sauce as it is thicken with egg yolk and has a high percentage of fat. Sometime it thickens with gelatin and it used as shiny flavourful coating to decorate cold dish and buffets.

Mayonnaise /Cold Sauce (1ltr.)

Sl. No. Ingredients Quantity
1 Egg yolk 8 no.
2 Olive/ Salad oil 1ltr.
3 French mustard powder % tps.
4 Salt, pepper To taste
5 Vinegar 25ml.


  • Placed vinegar, egg yolk and seasoning in a bowl and whisked properly.
  • Gradually add oil very slowly and whisked continuously.
  • Correct the seasoning and consistency.


Mayonnaise curden for several reason-

  1. If the oil is added to quickly.
  2. If the oil is to cold.
  3. If the sauce is not sufficiently whisk.

The method of recitation of the cur den of Mayonnaise :-

  1. Take a clean bowl and add 1 tbs of boiling water and gradually whisk in the cur den of mayonnaise sauce.
  2. Take another clean bowl with egg yolk, whisk properly, the added the cur den of mayonnaise.

Derivative of Mayonnaise Sauce:

SL. No. Name Ingredients Use
01 Tar tare Mayonnaise + grated hard egg yolk + Fine chop onion + Gherkins + Black olive + Parsley chop + chives Serve with deep fried fish.
02 Cocktail Mayonnaise + tomato ketchup + tobacco + lemon juice. Serve with various kinds of shell fish.
03 Remo lade Tar tare + anchovy essence Serve with fish dishes.
04 Green Mayonnaise + blanch or puree of herbs. Serve with shell fish.
05 Thousand



Mayonnaise + hard boil egg + tomato ketchup + chop gherkins + chop onion + chop parsley + chop pimentos + olives + paprika powder. Serve with cold meat and salad preparation.
06 Andalusia Mayonnaise + tomato puree + garnish with capsicum. Serve with cold meat

Various Kinds of butter Sauce:

Beurre-maitre-d-hote (Parsley butter) [M.D.H]:

Ing: Butter + chop parsley + lemon juice + seasoning.

Use: Serve with grilled meat, fish and fried dish.

Anchovy Butter:

Ing: Butter + Anchovy essence + Seasoning.

Use: Serve with grilled or fried fish.

Shrimp Butter:

Ing: Butter + fine chopped cooked shrimp + lemon juice.

Use: Serve with shell fish.

Beurre-noir (Black butter):

Ing: Black the butter in the gentle heat and get even black colour. Use: Serve with fried fish.

Peuree Nosiest (Brown Butter):

Ing: Brown the butter in gentle heat and get even to brown colour. Use: Serve with fried fish.

Garlic Butter:

Ing: Butter + garlic paste with adding of lemon juice.

Use: Serve with grilled stacks.


A. Bread Sauce:-

SL No. Ingredients Quantity
01 Fresh white bread chums 25gm
02 Milk 375ml.
03 Salt paper To taste
04 Onion with cloves Few no.
05 Butter 10gm


  • Simmer milk with the onion for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the onion, mix the bread crumes, and simmer for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the seasoning agent and make a correct consistency.
  • Mixed well when serving.

Use: Serve with roast chicken and game.

B. Apple Sauce:

SL No. Ingredients Quantity
01 Cooking apple 400gm
02 Sugar 25gm
03 Butter 25gm


  • Peel and wash the apple.
  • Place with the sugar, butter and water in a saucepan with tight filling lid.
  • Cooking and make a puree.
  • Pass through a strainer.

Use: Serve with roast pork and duck.

Cranberry Sauce:

SL No. Ingredients Quantity
01 Cranberry 400gm
02 Water 100ml.
03 Sugar 50gm


  • Boiled together in a suitable pan until soft.
  • Pass through a strainer.

Use: Serve with roast turkey.

Horse-radish Sauce:

SL No. Ingredients Quantity
01 Grated horse-radish 50gm
02 Vinegar 1tbs
03 Salt, pepper To taste
04 Lightly whipped cream


  1. Wash and peel the horse-radish.
  2. Mixed all the ingredients together to make a right consistency. Use

Serve with roast beef.

SL No. Ingredients Quantity
01 Mint juice 5-6 tbs
02 Easter sugar 2 dsp.
03 Vinegar 250 ml.


Mixed the mint juice with sugar.

Place in a china bowl and add the vinegar.

Use: Serve with roast lamp and mutton.

Curry Sauce:

SL No. Ingredients Quantity
01 Stock 375ml.
02 Chopped onion 50gm.
03 Oil/butter 10ml./gm.
04 Garlic 1 no.
05 Flour 10gm.
06 Curry powder 5gm.
07 Tomato puree 5gm.
08 Chopped apple 25gm.
09 Grated ginger 10gm.
10 Coconut 10gm.
11 Salt To Taste


  • Gently cook the onion and garlic in a fat small saute pan without colouring. Mixed the flour and the curry powder.
  • Cook for few minutes and make a scanty texture.
  • Mixed the tomato puree, Stair and cool it.
  • Gradually add the boiling stock.
  • Add the remaining ingredients.
  • Simmer for 30 minutes.
  • Skim and correct the seasoning.

Use: Serve with prawn, shrimp, egg and vegetable.

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