Restaurant Standard Facilities and its Concepts

Hotels & Resorts must have a Restaurant Standard Facilities and Concepts following a specific format which shall be used by each individual property to give a short and concise overview similar to a fact sheet, regarding all F&B facilities, as an internal information and training document.

Sample format for Restaurant Standard Facilities and Concepts

Breakfast service: 07:00 – 14:00
All-day dining: 11:00 – 18:00
Dinner: 18:00 – 23:30
Capacity: Depending on the size of restaurant, rooms and brand type
Food selection & design:
Cuisine is depending on location, season and clientele. Elegant dining concept served “al fresco” or air-conditioned. Ambience is created with live music (where appropriate) and a superior selection of fine foods as well as an extensive drink list and carefully selected wines. A daily
changing “gourmet” English “table d’hôte” menu must be available.

Restaurant Standard Facilities and Concepts: Food concept

Breakfast sets are served to the guest with an extensive set selection of modern and classic breakfast options reflecting the Corporate Culture and Standards. International and Thai/Asian “a la carte” cuisine is served during the day.

Restaurant Standard Facilities and Concepts : Beverage Concept

A full international drink list is available, also a small but variety-full wine list serving new world wines and exquisite wines from Europe. There is also a wine board daily presented with 2 open wines white and red in a daily rotation.

Type of Service Sequences & Styles
Breakfast sets:
1. Continental breakfast set
2. American breakfast set
3. Thai breakfast set
4. Spa breakfast set
5. Japanese breakfast set
6. Indian breakfast set

Hotel/Resorts may have only a minimum of 6 “a la carte” set available.
Every in-house guest has the choice of one set per day. Supplement order within the menu is free of charge.

The French Runner:

French Runner in the morning serves freshly baked croissants and soft rolls in special bistro-style uniform with “beret” and “foulard”, “a la discretion” to every hotel guest.
The Coffee & Tea Service:
Is served freshly brewed to every guest, no thermos or pre-brewed beverages are to be served. For Hotel/Resorts, a tea selection within the buffet is applicable.


Breakfast condiments such as salt, pepper, sugar, flowers are set on the table. Creamer/milk is served on a tray upon arrival of the guest.

All day dining:

“A la carte” menu selection of international, Asian/Thai specialties not exceeding 20 main courses, insert sheets of monthly promotions is available.

Dinner service:

“Gourmet” English table d’hôte menu with a selection of 2 appetizers, 2 salads, 2 soups, 4 main dishes and 2 desserts is available, daily. The Chef uses a healthy and modern “assortments” of international cuisine, either straight or in fusion. An appropriate “a la carte” menu selection complements the “gourmet” menu.

Children menu:

A small children menu with the emphasis on “most-popular” is available after breakfast.

Restaurant Standard Facilities and Concepts for Additional Restaurant(s)

Operating hours: Depending on brand, size and location of property.
Capacity: Depending on the size of restaurant, rooms and brand type.
Food selection & design: Service sequences/styles and standards must reflect the Corporate Culture.
Operating hours: 10:00 – 23:30
Food selection & design: Bar beverage requirements according to the Corporate SOP Manual.
Food selection of light snacks and nibbles must be available.

Pool Bar

Operating hours: 10:00 – 24:00
Capacity: Depending on the size of restaurant, rooms and brand type.
Food selection & design:
Refreshing drinks & snacks.
Room Service
Operating hours: 24 hours daily
Food selection: Mix of food and beverage selection from the all-day dining menu with a 10% sur-charge.

Hotels, Resorts may not 24 hrs Room Service available but it’s good to have 24hrs room service on offer.
• Sur-charge applies for, per room, for every breakfast service served to the lowest- and mid-
range categories.

• Breakfast to the highest room category and for the Executive Floor is free of charge.

• Mini bar is 24hrs available in the guest room, refilled daily. Mini bar is organized either by the
Housekeeping Department or Food and Beverage Department, depending on size and
organizational structure of the property.

• Pre-ordered private mini bar items (by the guest in advance) is available through and in
coordination with the Sales Department or the Reservations Department of the Hotel/Resort.

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