Outsourcing Contracts in Hotel – House Keeping Management

Hotels are increasingly opting for contract services,and outsourcing contracts to sustain cost effective house-keeping operation and to ensure that the resource and asset of the property are utilized to the maximum.

Outsourcing contracts may be defined as conscious business decision to move internal work to an external provider.

An outsource contract may be defined as an agreement between two parties negotiating a business deal.

Both this terms are now being used interchangeable . However while all outsourcing involves a contract all contracts are not necessarily related outsourcing. For eg   hotels have internal as well as contract staff as well.

Contract service in house-keeping

Hotel may go in for the following types of outsourcing contracts

hotel outsourceing is good

  1. Complete cleaning programs   with all the work and responsibilities undertaken by the service provider.
  2. Regular selected cleaning within an establishment to assist the existing house-keeping staff for cleaning of public area at night.
  3. Periodic service to assist existing house-keeping operation such as window cleaning, cleaning of walls and ceilings and cleaning of carpets.
  4. Hiring contracts with various rentals firms for linen , equipments conferences etc.
  5. Consultancy services- Where the house-keeping experts visit the hotels and guide the existing staff on achieving professional standard.

The following are some areas in house-keeping where service may be offered on contract basis

  1. CLEANING- Deep cleaning, public area cleaning , cleaning of hard to reach the areas polishing of different surfaces etc.
  2. Linen hire- Entire hotel linen or specialized linen like banqueting items.
  3. Equipments and furniture hire-
  4. Laundry complete or part
  5. Flower arrangement and decoration
  6. Pest control
  7. Horticulture and land- scarping.

Advantages and disadvantages of hotel outsourcing

The decision to avail the service of outsourcing requires lots of ground works. There are many pros and cons that need to be considered. Ultimately the management and the owner needs to brainstorm over weather the outsourcing is needed in their particular property or nor.

Following are some advantages of hotel outsourcing

  1. There is no capital investment for equipments so that money is available   for investment   in other purpose.

    say yes to hotel outsourcing

  2. There is no equipment lying idle
  3. Good contracts firms provide skill laborers to run the operation smoothly.
  4. Extra work may be carried out at certain times without increasing the basic staff.
  5. The Outsourcing Contracts are accountable for the results. Their worker stay on their job until it is done.
  6. Outsourcing Contracts service may be terminated at any time and more easily than internal worker.

Disadvantages of hotel Outsourcing Contracts

  1. There may be problem regarding security.
  2. Worker may not show there designed time frame.
  3. There may be problem regarding the l co-operation between the departments.
  4. There may be poor supervision which may detonates the standard of work performance.
  5. it is the natural tendency of contractors to use cheaper products which may be the poor quality and affect the cleaning operation.

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