Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani Recipe: A spicy and heavy dal preparation made with a combination of rajma and urad dal. In this article we will learn how to make Dal Makhani, Ingredients used in making Dal Makhani, and step by step methods of preparing Dal Makhani..

BNG Standard Recipe No: 1925
RECIPE TYPE : Main Course
CUISINE : Indian
PREP TIME :  35 mins
TOTAL TIME :  40 mins
SERVES :  2-3

INGREDIENTS of Dal Makhani:

1.    Black gram(kali dal)-100gm
2.    Kidney beans(rajma dal)-50gm
3.    Tomato-1pc
4.    Unsalted butter-1 tbsp
5.    Clarified butter-50 gm
6.    Onion-1
7.    Ginger-20gm
8.    Garlic-15gm
9.    Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
10.    Red chilly powder-5gm
11.    Salt-to taste
12.    Cream-2 tbsp
13.    Corriander leaves-1/2 bunch


1.    Soak black gram & kidney beans over night.
2.    Boil kidney beans till half cooked,now add black grams till both are well cooked.
3.    Heat clarified butter add cumin seeds,juilliene of gingers,sliced onion & chopped garlic fry till golden brown.
4.    Add chopped tomato,chilly powder,turmeric powder.
5.    Add boiled black gram & kidney beans.
6.    Cook in low flame & correct the seasoning.
7.    Garnish with cream & chopped corriander leaves.

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