Cleaning Equipments

Identifying classification and function of various cleaning equipments for Efficient cleaning and maintenance are dependent upon high quality cleaning equipments , correctly used. Though only 5 to 10 % of the overall cost incurred on cleaning is accounted for the cleaning equipment and agent selecting the ideal equipment plays a major roll in the cleaning process.

Equipment used in the cleaning are broadly divided into two categories, manual and mechanical cleaning equpments.

Manual Cleaning Equipments

Manual cleaning equipments can include all types of equipments that clean or aid in the cleaning process by directly using the maneuver, operation and energies of the employee. Discussed below some common example of manual cleaning equipments.

Brushes- These may be designed to remove dry or wet or ingrained dust and dirt from the hard or soft surfaces.

Three main types of brushes are used in the cleaning surface. They are as follows

Hard Brush- Hard brushes have bristles that are fairly stiff and well spread out cleaning equipments. They are most sutable for the removal of heavy soil and litters from the carpets and for cleaning of rough surface.

Soft brush- Soft brushes may have bristles that are fairly flexible and set close together. These are used for removal of loose soil and litter on hard smooth surfaces.

Scrubbing brushes- Scrubbing brushes have short , coarse bristle designed for use on surface that have become stained and heavily ingrained with dirt. These brushes should only be used to remove stubborn heavy soiling small areas that are difficult for scrubbing machines to access Cleaning equipments like Brushes are also classified on the basis of their functions.

  • Toilet brush – Used for cleaning of W.C.
  • Bottle brush – These are used for overflow vents in wash basin and tubs.
  • Flue Brush – These are used for cleaning chimney.
  • Feather brushes – These are used for light dusting.
  • Care and cleaning of brushes- Brushes should be generally tapped on the hard surface to loosen the dirt and debris after the cleaning process. Frequent washing with water is avoidable. Brushes should be washed in warm and soapy water.

  • Brooms- Sweeping brooms consist of long bristles gathered together into handles. The bristles of the brooms are made of grass , corn or coconut fiber. Depending on the type brooms are used for removal of dirt and dust in the large areas.

Cleaning equipments like Brooms are classified into three main categories.

  • Soft bristled brooms- These types of brooms are made of corn fiber or grass. This is used for smooth floor.
  • Hard / Coarse- bristled brooms- These types of brooms are used for hard surface especially outdoor rough areas.
  • Wall broom- These are also called ceiling brooms. They have a soft head or long handle made up of canes. These brooms are used for removal of cob webs.

Care and cleaning of the brooms

Brooms should be shaken free, of dust and fluff. Never store them standing on their bristle. or the bristle will bend out of the shape.

Soft brooms should not be use in wet surface.

Wet /damp mop- These mops are used in conjunction with buckets for the removal of dirt adhering to a surface. The mop heads can be made of cotton, sponge or any other fiber capable of absorbing moisture well. Wet mops can be classified into four types. They are as follows

  • Do-all mops- These mops consists of stand of twisted cotton, fixed to a circular metal plate., which is in turn is fixed to a stock.

  • Kentucky mops- These mops consists of cotton stand fixed to a length of cotton fabric, which is in turn instead into flat metal stock. They are available in weights ranging from 330 g to 670 g.

  • Sponge mop- These consits of cellulose sponge fixed to a replaceable lever controlled head, hinged for wringing out and attached to long handle. Using sponge mop is one of the easiest way to wash hard floor.

  • Squeegee – A squeegee consist of long metallic handle and a wooden or rubber blade to remove excess water from the surface being cleaned. It is effective when followed by damp mop.

Care and cleanings of the mops and cleaning equipments –

Take mops outdoors after use and shake well to remove excess moisture. Then these mops can be washed . Detachable heads are easier to clean and maintain. However drying is the most important part of this mop because if the mop has not been dried properly it will be easily affected by bacteria.

Dry mops

Dry mops are also called dust control mops, these cleaning equipments are designed to remove the soil and debris from the floors walls and ceilings without raising These mops generally consists of handle to which a metal frame is attached

Care and cleaning of this mops-

Shake mops well after use in the outdoors. The mop heads should be easily detachable , so that it can be washed in hot water with detergent.


Various types of clothes are used by the housekeeping staff as duster. For efficient and correct uses different colors of duster are used. Dusters can be divided into many types according to the uses. Those are as follows-

  • Mitts- They are use for dusting and buffing. Soft absorbent plain or checked cotton material or yellow flannelette of up to 15 sq. cm are ideal for dusters.

  • Swabs and wipes- These are all purpose clothes made of soft absorbent materials They are used for wet cleaning and damp dusting of all the surface above floor level. They are also use for cleaning sanitary fittings such as bath tubs and wash basins.

  • Floor cloth- Floor cloths are bigger , thicker, and made from coarser cotton material than all purpose swabs.

  • Scrim This is loosely woven linen materials cleaning equipments used for cleaning mirrors and windows.
  • Glass cloths- Glass clothes are made of linen tow yarns and do not leave behind lint. They are used for wiping mirror, and drinking glass..

  • Rags and polishing clothes- Rags are disposable clothes usually obtained from the swing room or brought by the sack by tailor. They are used for applying polish or strong cleaning agent and are disposed when dirty.

  • Chamois leather- Real chamois leather is the skin of chamois goat and antelope, but now various cheaper imitations are available. Chamois leather can be used for cleaning of windows , mirror when dry, it is used for polishing cloth for silver and other metals.

  • Dust sheet- Dust sheet are made of thin cotton material. The size is the single bed sheet size. Discarded bed sheet and curtains from the linen rooms are ideal dust sheet. They are use for covering floor furniture during spring cleaning.

  • Druggists – They are made of coarse linen  fine canvas or clear plastic. They may be the size of a carpet square or runner. They are placed on the floor in the door way to prevent excessive dirt being trekked in or out during bad weather and during the redecoration process.


Cleaning equipments 4

Work becomes much more easier and efficient if the staff are given suitable containers to carry transport and to carry store supply and other items. The various types of containers used by the housekeeping staffs are as follows

  • Buckets- These maybe made from plastic or galvanized iron. Plastic buckets are more popular now a days as they are lighter in weight easy to clean.

  • Basin and bowls- They are use to carry small amount of water, cleaning solution and powder for cleaning small areas.

  • Dust pan- These are used in conjunction with brooms or brush for gathering dust. They may be made of plastic or metal.

  • Sani bins- They are metal or plastic bins with lit. They are kept in the toilet for disposing of used toilet roll and sanitary towels. They should be lined with paper or plastic bag.

  • Spray bottles- They are light weight containers that delivers a fine mist of water or cleaning solution through a fine nozzle specially during the spray cleaning.

  • Hand caddies- Also called cleaners box . These are originally made of wood or metal. But now a days day are made of plastic. They consists of a box with handle and a fitted tray. They are used by the room attendant for carrying cleaning supplies.

Mechanical cleaning equipments

The various pieces of mechanical cleaning equipments used in the housekeeping department are usually powered by electricity or gas. All the staff should be well trained in the operation of these equipments.

Various types of mechanical equipments are used in housekeeping department which makes the work very easy, and less time consuming.

A brief description of these mechanical cleaning equipments are given below

  • Vacuum cleaner/ Suction cleaning equipments

Vacuum cleaners remove debris, soil or water from the surface by suction. All vacuum cleaner works on the same operating principle. In all types a motor drives an impeller which sucks in air through an inlet creating a difference in preasure, between the air and outside the machine. Air drawn in front the inlet passes through and out of the machine. The dust is collected into the container provided which may be enclosed within the body of machine. or outside in a form of bag.

Care and storage- Vacuum cleaner will give maximum cleaning efficiency when they are maintained well. Housekeeping staff should be trained well to operate the vacuum cleaner. The wheels of the machines are need to be oiled periodically. After use dust bag should be checked and emptied. The machine should be wiped daily.

  • General purpose floor machine (scrubbing and polishing machine)

These are designed for scrubbing buffing, scarifying and spray maintenance.

Scrubbing- The bristle tips of a brush or the surface of a pad abrade and cut the soilages to remove it.

Buffing- The bristle tips of a brush or the surface of the pad creates a high gloss finish on the floor surface.

Scarifying The bristle tips or the edge of cutting tool cut into impacted soilages removing it by means of chisel -like action.

Care and storage of general purpose cleaning equipments machine

The brushes and pads should never be left on the machine after cleaning. The brushes should be detached after cleaning. The fluff should be removed from after washing.

Carpet shampooing machine-

These cleaning equipments machine has indicated by the name are designed for the deep cleaning of the carpets that are heavily soiled.

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